All About Me – Myranda

My trip to Mexico
3 years ago I was told that I was going to Mayan Rivera Mexico.
I remember being so happy about going somewhere I haven’t been and wanted to go. Being told we were going was like bells going off in my head, I had Never been anywhere besides anywhere in Canada or The United states. I remember waiting along time to go to mexico because we planned it around September and were going in the summer. Finally the day had come where we were going to mexico. When we arrived at the airport to leave Vancouver we found a candy shop. There was giant candy bars, And mike and ike’s. When we were on the plane I remember being very anxious to be in this place I had been dreaming about for ages, and getting to go there and see every beautiful aspect of mexico. When we landed I remember looking out the window and seeing flames beside the runway and dead trees and grass everywhere. It honestly looked like it was all a joke the whole mexico is paradise thing. I immediately wanted to go home because it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. We then got out of the plane we went into the airport and I immediately saw that the signs indicating where to go where in Spanish Korean and then English. I then heard that everyone was talking in Spanish and not very many people were speaking English. When we got to the point of getting our passports checked by the ladies at security the one woman tried to speak to me in Spanish. My face immediately turned into a face of confusion, She then picked up that I knew very little Spanish such as please and thankyou. She then attempted English and did pretty well she asked if I had ever been to mexico and I responded no. After we passed the gates and exchanged our money we went into a bus where two guys were commentating and explaining things not to do in mexico.
When we arrived at the resort I realized that this is what I had been looking for in the images I had been looking at and dreaming about. When we got there they gave us some refreshing delicious drink to welcome us, Then they took us on a ride to our room on a speedy fast golf cart. I was surprised that the driver didn’t hit anyone. When we got to the room I noticed that the air in the room was way colder than the air outside. So when you left the room its like a wave of hot steaming humid air hits you. It like walking into a very hot cement wall. As soon as you walked into the sun it felt like your skin was burning off you and that u were melting in the humid air. After swimming in the pool all day and re-applying sun screen, I burned bad. My mom had to put after sun and aloe vera on my skin. It felt like putting cold yogurt all over your skin. If you touched it it felt like you were touching a pool of glue. The next day we woke up and went to the buffet. There was all different types of foods and they all smelt very different. i tried a bunch of foods that are normal things that us Canadians eat. But they all tasted different, The pancakes tasted like They had some kind of spice in them and the bacon tasted like as if it was under cooked. Chicken nuggets in mexico are made with the dark meat so that is just different but doesn’t taste different. Burgers tasted the same. Everyday I would have around 7 virgin strawberry margaritas which tasted like heaven was coming down upon you. They were slushy and flavorful and blended well. They also had entertainment shows at night. They had a lot of volunteering and then you voted on which person had done it better. Sadly the trip ended just as my sunburn did and we left feeling really sad. We all wished we got the 2 week pack.