After reading the first article it made me realize how dangerous social media really is. There are lots of fake accounts out there that are being used for various things, and alot of people tend to believe whatever they read on the internet. After reading this article i will definitly try and be more careful and not believe every single thing i see or read off of the internet because there is a possibility it could be a scam, it made me more aware of how social medias can affect a person or multiple people if they are targeted by it.

the second link has given me a reminder that alot of information on the internet is fake or not 100% true and that if i wan’t to believe that something is 100% true, then i should research more about the topic and see if i get the same results on more than one website. Also i really dont like the fact that people had posted tragedies that were made up to get a form of attention.

Both of these links have a large affect of me because social medias are a big part of my life and generation and to think that i cannot rely on something so big puts an impact on me because then i think well what’s the point of social medias then?