Month: September 2017

building an understanding-Harrison Bergeron

Core contempencies-sam the athlete

Core Competencies Self-Assessment (Word)-1ofgr24

Week 3 in math 10

this week in math 10 i learned and reveiwed exponents, focusing on the laws, i learned that you can use them in any order to solve a problem involving combining the laws. For example  in this expression:

It is the same expression in both pictrues, in the first picture i did the multiplication law, power of a power then division. In the second photo i did power of a power, multiplication then divison and both attempts had the same answer outcome.

House- building an understanding & summary

Sam the athlete paragraph

Week 2 in math

Throughout this past week i have learned more about prime factorization. Speciffically how to demonstrate prime factorization, you can use one of two ways. You could use a factor tree (first picture) or a divison table (second picture) to find out the prime factorization. For both methods you start with the lowest prime factor, and divide it into the example number. Then you continue to do the same thing with that number untill it no longer factors perfectly, then you take the next lowest prime number that factors and the rule continues on. I prefer to use division tables becasue with especially largr numbers, in factor trees the work can get sloppy and confusing.

Week 2 in math 10

\sqrt{10} \sqrt[6]{4} \sqrt[2\cdot 2\cdot 2\cdot 2]

Childrens books pathways to a theme

in english we have been looking ar childrens books to find themes and question

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