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    With your partner, you will engage in an online discussion related to your current event article. Your first post should be a short summary of the event that you picked. After, find your partners response and discuss your thoughts on the article and event that your partner shared. They will do the same for you.


    Dec. 2 San Bernardino terrorist attack killed 14 people.
    Investigators said unlocking the phone could provide valuable information about the plan of gun shoot and whether Farook and his wife, and help investigating.
    Apple refused to unlock Farook’s phone because they thought once they unlock the phone, then FBI would want more people’s data.
    some people are afraid that FBI could monitor by their phone and get the data what are on their phones.

    Jeff Zhang

    Maria Sharapova failed doping test during Australian Open because of the injuries healing. She said she will take the full responsibility and she has received an prohibited substances list and the WTA hasn’t announced a penalty. She has been sidelined from the injuries.
    I think this is good when she has to heal her injuries but she shouldn’t go to join the game which is what she did and now she probably deserves a penalty.


    The United States once again accused the Canadian food inspectors neglect of duty,
    negligent supervision in food microbiological testing, requires Canada to improve in mid-March.
    The US Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) of the Canadian meat, poultry and egg processing plants slaughter inspection, report results, Canada got only the “basic pass” rating for US food safety is the three lowest levels.


    My partner is Alen Lu.
    The gravitational waves was never detected until September 14, 2015 at 09:51 UTC, by LIGO(Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory) since Albert Einstein predicted the general theory of relativity in 1915.


    my partner is simonn wu
    Trudeau said Americans should pay more attention to the world, to promote conservative parliament member Kenny to social media. He also defended the his move to pull back the CF-18 fighter in Iraq and Syria fighting Isis, “many of them are doing very good throwing bombs, and his things, Canada does not in fact than in most other countries good. Trudeau said Canada will be the number of TR iple and Kurdish freedom fighters military instructors.


    This news talk about castle, Carnarvon family has owned and lived in big castle for over a thousand years. “Highclere has been in business for 1,300 years and we’re still in business as a family business,” said the Lady Fiona Carnarvon. The castle in 1842, there are 200 to 300 rooms in that castle. And near to that castle have 4,000 or 5,0000 acres of farm and woodland around it. The Carnarvons decide open their home to public about 90 days a year and give tours of the castle.


    “Canada should ban sale of dog and cat fur: MP”
    “Canada should ban sale of dog and cat fur: MP” was about a person named Don Davies has sponsored a new electronic petition calling on the government to ban the importation of dog and cat fur into our country. If the petition gains one hundred thousand (100,000) signatures by May 17, it will be formally introduced into the House of Commons. So he was encourage people to sign the petition and saved dogs and cats.

    My opinion:
    Even though I am not an animal lover, I also think fur is a horrible fashion. Imagine that wearing a death animal on your body, how gross is it. After I read the article, I learn that the proceed of making fur is very cruel. There have more than one millions of dogs and cats are killed in horrible and painful ways in the world, to make fur or other product. This article make me feel those animals are so poor.


    In a bizarre North Vancouver kidnapping in September, Tian Yi Zhang and Casey Hiscos, face charges of kidnapping a Chinese national with intent to hold him for ransom. The detectives’ investigation turned into a homicide case with the discovery of a body. But, they didn’t go to jail because there was not sufficient evidence arrest them.


    It’s really important abut how the quality is of the food we eat everyday.
    Because we eat EVERYDAY,so it DOES matter.
    Although everyone will die, at least I don’t want to die because what I eat.
    No one want their families or lover get ill because what they eat.
    So I think it is really important to improve as soon as possible.


    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared on the CBS show 60 Minutes Sunday, and talks about defend Syrian refugee settlement program, “Ultimately being open and respectful towards each other is a much more powerful way to diffuse hatred and anger than … big walls and oppressive policies,”. And he said about that americans should pay more attention to the place for them in the world stage.

    support Syrian refugee is a way to increase Canadian people and labor resources, it might got large affection to the Canadian local workers and other job may become more competitive. And the answer to the americans also shows Canadianian’s place on the world’s stage, in the meanwhile, it is also a kind of defense and warning to the America that in the future times Canada’s power is still couldn’t be despise.


    New Zealand’s national flag will change or not.
    Referendum to decide the national flag.
    There are two reasons why people want to change the flag.
    First, current flag had Union Jack in the flag. It seems that had been dominated by the United Kingdom long time ago. So they do not want to show about it.
    Second, New Zealand’s flag is really similar with Australia’s flag.
    People are confusing which flag is New Zealand’s flag. The government want to change the flag and easy to remember to other countries.
    People do not want to change current flag.
    It will occur on March 30th.


    I support to unlock their phone because it’s about our life, our safety.
    To unlock their phone cannot avoid this kind of things happen again, but we can know weather they have other partner, try to find them, and catch them.


    Reply: Jeff
    Yeah, I think athletes shouldn’t take any drugs that might caused an unfair competition, I think she deserves a penalty indeed

    Jeff Zhang

    Justin Trudeau’s presentation clarified Canadian government’s opinion on treating the refugees—-protect them and help them into the Canadian society. This is a sign that tells Canada is not going to turn her way because of neither an American candidate’s saying nor an big neighbor’s opinion.

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