ICT Programming 11/12

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Welcome to Programming 11 and 12 and Modular Survey 11 at Riverside Secondary!


January 19, 2015

HTML 5, CSS3, & JS independent study project

For the final two weeks of the course you will have an opportunity to research, study, design and create an HTML5 based project for yourself.  This will allow you to find an area that interests you and complete a task that you find challenging and rewarding.  For your project it must focus on using HTML5 and CSS3.  You may also choose to pursue an area of study that also uses Javascript, JQuery, or another development tool related to web design/web applications.  Feel free to also use any development support tools available to you such as Boilerplate or Bootstrap. 

Designing your project:

Because we only have two weeks left in the semester you must keep that in mind when determining the size and scope of your project.  You should aim to have a proposal outlined for Mr. Jamieson by Tuesday, January 20.  This will give you approximately one week to then work on your project.

With the time constraint and as this is a relatively new area to us, feel free to find and use one of the countless online tutorials related to HTML5.  If you are choosing to do this make sure you find one that will be interesting and useful.

You can also choose to design your project without that aid of an online tutorial.

At a minimum your project must use HTML5 and CSS3.  I would recommend that you go beyond the basics of making a new webpage.

January 16, 2015

20% Projects – Final Presentation

Questions to Be Addressed by Students in Presentation

  • What were the successes of your project?
  • Were there any hurdles you had to overcome?
  • Was there a point where you had to stop and readjust the project on a grand scale?
  • What were the weaknesses of your project?
  • What was the most important thing you learned throughout your project?
  • If you were assigned this project again, what topic/goal would you choose?


January 8, 2015

ICT MODULAR SURVEY – Our second photoshop project will be creating a movie poster starring you!  We will go over various photoshop lessons throughout the project in order to make the best movie posters that we can.

Movie Poster

Programming Students – Link to Google Drive Folder

January 6, 2015

ICT MODULAR SURVEY – Today we are starting our Photoshop unit.  We will be beginning with a basic assignment to learn some of the important introductory skills.

Fruit Faces

January 5, 2015

Today we will be beginning our introduction into HTML5 and CSS3.  We will be looking at various new features and learning how we can integrate those features into our pages.  We are starting with a small assignment looking into what’s new and improved in HTML5.

HTML5 Intro Assignment

December 11, 2014

PROGRAMMING STUDENTS – We are currently working through our introduction into HTML and CSS.  At this stage we have covered some basic html lessons.  Using the knowledge that you have gained so far you will be creating a basic 4 page website.  As we continue to add to our knowledge base you will be able to add to and improve on your site.

Basic 4 page site is due on December 18, 2014.

November 24, 2014

MODULAR SURVEY STUDENTS ONLY – Today you will be starting on a two-day mini assignment to create a basic model in Blender.  You will need to have demonstrated the following skills in your model:

  • Adding Meshes
  • Grab, Scale, Rotate
  • Subdivide
  • Loop Cut and Slide
  • Adding Materials
  • Removing or modifying individual vertices, edges and faces
  • Extruding
  • Creating Land

November 6, 2014

Tomorrow we will be doing our Pitch day for the 20% projects we have all been working on.  Use the rubric here to ensure you cover all aspects.


November 3, 2014

Last week we began working on a basic math challenge program.  Today we will complete the basic framework of that project and you will be challenged to then expand on the project to build a more comprehensive program.  Once you have completed this challenge, start planning out your Java unit project.

Java Guided Project 1

October 29, 2014

Today we will be completing a Java basics and Algorithm assignment.  We will discuss this in class on Friday.

Java Basics Assignment

October 28, 2014

Now that we have started our Java unit you may want to start thinking about what you want to create for your unit project.  The project will take place over a few weeks and you will be developing your skills throughout that time.  You will have to combine the skills you are learning in class with some skills that are related to your project individually.  Find the outline here.

Java Project Proposal

October 23, 2014

All students will have an opportunity today to work on their 20% project.  Keep in mind that our pitch day is coming up on November 7th, 2014.  Use this guide to help you plan out what sort of information you’ll be including in your pitch.


ICT MODULAR SURVEY STUDENTS ONLY – You will be completing one final scratch project as part of that unit.  It will focus on your ability to create animations.  Find the assignment outline here.

Greatest Movie Scene Ever – Scratch

October 20, 2014

Having completed our Scratch unit we will be taking a brief look into programming ethics, hacking and morals before beginning our second unit.  We will have a series of discussion questions that we will be working on during this time.

Ethics and Hacking questions

October 14, 2014

We have completed our first scratch project and will be beginning on our second assignment.  You will start by creating a basic flying and dodging side scroller.  This will use the skills that we introduced in class last week.  Your basic game should include a sprite that flies, objects that simulate side scrolling, collisions with those objects, a score and high score counter, basic animations for your sprite flying and possibly crashing.

October 7, 2014

Our first scratch project was assigned yesterday.  It is due on Wednesday October 8.  Scratch Basic Game Project 1

October 3, 2014

Today we are going to be starting something quite different from what you are probably used to doing in a classroom.  We are starting something called the 20% project.  The goal behind this project is to challenge you to take control of some of your own learning, inspire yourself to try something that you wouldn’t normally do, and develop a creative environment that will help develop valuable learning skills.

Based off the idea originally started by 3M and carried on to this day by large industry leading companies such as google this project gives you the autonomy to pursue your own passion.  There will be requirements and deadlines to meet along the way but ultimately you have control over what you do for this project and how you go about doing it.

Basic rules:

  1. You will spend 20% of our class time, or every Friday, working on what we’ll call 20 Time.

  2. You may work alone or with a small group.

    • Decide carefully.  If you choose a small group, you will have to compromise with your group and deal with other personalities.  If you work alone, you have complete autonomy but you are responsible for the outcome.

    • Is this person a worker or floater?

    • Can I get along with this person for the entire semester?

    • Is this person going to keep on track or distract me?

    • This is not about hanging out with friends,but making something really cool.

  3. Choose a project that is new to you and something you wouldn’t normally do in another academic class.

    • If you are stuck, do some research on other educational 20% projects and take another look at what Google has done.

  4. You must produce a product or achieve some sort of goal.

  5. Write up a proposal and pitch it to the rest of the class that includes a purpose, audience, timeline, and resources you will need to complete the project.  You will present your pitch in a “science-fair”-type poster session in front of other students, teachers, and community members.

  6. Choose an adult to be your official mentor.  I do not have a lot of experience with some of the projects you might choose.

  7. Reflect and track the progress of your project through.  A great way to do this is blogging, podcasting or video blogging.

  8. If, at any moment, you feel lost, overwhelmed, or uninspired, you must set a meeting with me to find a solution.

  9. At the end of the year, you will present your project and reflect on the process in a five-minute TED-style talk.

  10. Failure is an option.  Simply learning from your mistakes teaches you a lot.

More information will come as we get into the project further.

Some basic outlines to help you get started.20ProjectPlanningSheet and 20TimeBrainstormingGuide

September 30, 2014

Today we will be taking a further look into the logic behind a program and play some online games with the intention of gaining a better understanding of how they are developed.

Assignment:  Game Evaluation

September 29, 2014

Today we will be looking at Program Design and some basic programming terms and functions.

Assignment:   Programming Basics

Lesson:  Program Design

Once you have finished the assignment go check out Scratch.  We will be using this program as an introduction into developing the logic behind a game/program.

September 26, 2014

Decisions, Flow and Directions

Please ensure that Payroll Program is completed for Monday.

September 24, 2014

Today we will be looking at the basics of what a program is and aim to gain an understanding of some basic programming functions.

Basic Programming Concepts

September 23, 2014

Welcome to Programming 11 and 12 and Modular Survey 11 at Riverside Secondary!

For Programming 11 Students find your course outline here –  ICT Programming 11 Course Outline

For Programming 12 Students find your course outline here – ICT Programming 12 Course Outline

For Modular Survey 11 Students find your course outline here – ICT Modular Survey 11 Course Outline

Today we will just be getting to know one another.  Desert Survival Ranking Sheet

Hope you enjoy the course!

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