Fear Photo


in this photo, i took a photo of my friends after one of my soccer games on the island. i used this photo to explain the fact that i am terrified of letting my team, friends, and family down when it comes to sports. i couldn’t find a picture of me at baseball but i am a a lot more scared of letting people down when i play baseball due to me playing a much higher level of the sport and being much better at it. the person in my life that i am scared the most of letting down when it comes to sports is my dad. the reason i am scared to let my dad down is because he is very competitive.

How it affects me

when i am in tense situations in sports i tend to freeze or zone out when i am scared of letting people down. i have gotten better at it over the years of playing high level sports, but occasionally it comes back. it can be used against when i am zoned out because the other teams can take advantage of me.

Things i learned

during this exercises i learned what other peoples fear were and how i can also share the same fears with others.