Us and Climate

Chaktai Chikkong

Date: N/A

In this photo, tidal waters have been flooding the small city of Chaktai and all the areas around there. The photo shows a girl sitting in a chair in her flooded living room. This picture also shows the amount of destruction that a mass flood can do to even a smaller town. My solutions are for this photo are to 1. stop polluding the oceans, this causes green house gases to get to the atomsphere and melt the ice capps making the sea levels rise, causing floods in below sea level areas. If we could cut down on carbon emmisions the ice capps wuld stop melting as fast as they are now and give time for the earth to evaporate the extra waters in the oceans. For my second solution have better systems in affect to warm people in below sea level areas to evacuate when there are flash floods or floods in the area. this would cut down on the death rates and also prepare people so there is less damage.