Electricity mind map

The screen shot bellow is a mind map that I created on electricity. It is everything that I know about electricity before we commence our unit. mind-map                                                                                                                                                                         Further questions I have on electricity:

  1. What is resistance?
  2. What is a ferromagnetic material?
  3. What part do electrons play during a circuit?
  4. How do electrons travel through a circuit?
  5. What provides the energy to a light bulb?
  6. How does a battery work? Whats inside it that when put in a flashlight it provides light?
  7. Do certain metals have different reactions to friction, because of the number of electrons?
  8. What is an LED light source, and what does LED stand for?

5 thoughts on “Electricity mind map

  1. Nice post! Well though out mind map! I am also interested in finding out what LED stands for! And I also want to know how electrons travel through a circuit because we have been learning about them so it will be very interesting!

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