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Some of my favorites things to do is sing, dance and act. Throughout the week I do many dances and also musical theater classes. I love performing. Dancing acting and singing is my passion. It is a rare moment when you find me not doing one of the above. Each year i put on a play with my theater company. These activities are my way of expressing myself.

One of my favourite quotes is a quote by Walt Disney “Its kind of fun to try the impossible. I love this quote because it really tells you to follow your dreams. I love Disney and hope to work there one day. This quote shows that even if people tell you it is impossible to keep on trying because it could become possible. To never give up and follow your dreams.



clip-art-writingI love reading!!! I read a lot, and will read almost anything. To me, reading gives me the opportunity to escape into a different place, into someone else’s story. Its like I get to live in their world. When reading everything around me disappears, and I am absorbed in the book.  I also love to write. Ever since I have been little I have always created short stories and adventures. When I was 10 I wrote a book with a creative writing course that I took






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