Tech Team Passion Project

a) Briefly describe your new and improved idea, by incorporating ideas and/or feedback.

The Sound and Lighting Team are responsible for setting up the lights and sound equipment for shows and events happening on the stage or the gym if needed, it makes a impact in our school and has always been acknowledged by our peers. So any changes required to make this idea more feasible are depended on further analysis throughout the year.

– What problems might I run into?

Since most stage events happen after school, not having enough available sound and lighting members to be there for set-up could be a potential obstacle. Best of what I can think of to solve this is see who can do what and when, so basically make a calendar of all the events, plan ahead and see who is free and who is not to attend and help set-up for said events. And ask members if it is possible to cancel what they have or see if they can find a way to resolve schedule conflicts.

– What skills do I need to complete this project? How can I attain these skills?

I would need to be able to problem solve, have critical and some creative thinking skills for when I run into obstacles or problems that are needed to be solved. Since its likely that this idea revolves around technology, I would have to learn more and expand on what I can do with computers.


I have been recently added to this project so I don’t know what to expect, what are the upcoming dates involving the Sound and Lighting team or what is the outcome. Though I do know that I would be getting training or an education to help complete the project and throughout the year I would keep an open mind.