Outdoor Ed

Always being kept inside, working inside the classroom and not being able to explore the outdoors? Wanting to learn about essential outdoor camping skills, the environment and its different variations of biodiversity, while being with your friends and have a great time?

Outdoor Education is a new grade 10 semester course at Riverside, involve going onto different field trips related to the outdoors, while still being taught the school curriculum. The course itself consists of 4 classes . . .

  • PE 10
  • Science 10
  • Foundations of Math and Pre-Calc 10
  • Leadership 10

I currently enrolled in this program and so far I have learned a lot about the outdoors and camping – how to prepare (expect the worst, hope for the best) for where you are going. Along with . . .

  • cooking with a stove
  • build a campfire
  • make a shelter
  • how to navigate (w/ map and compass)
  • and more