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Don’t Bother me I am Crabby For Seafood!

Red Lobster in Portland was one of the nicest seafood’s restaurants and usually pretty packed. ¬†That place has a lot of room space and tables. The tables are covered with a nice table cloth and with very clean utensils.The atmosphere there is calm and smells like mouth watering seafood. When I walked in we quickly got our table and 20 minutes later our food came. I grabbed a piece of shellfish it was so crunchy and juicy. It was so good. Red Lobster is not that uptight and people can wear whatever they want. But I wore clothes that were formal because I went there three times. The restaurant always has free unlimited refills of their special peach iced tea. It was so sweet, and had a tart taste to it. Red Lobster is memorable because I went there for my sixteenth birthday and had a lot of good seafood. The staff at Red Lobster were very polite and quick with everything. The food I ordered was the feast and it came with everything perfectly cooked. I have been to a lot of seafood restaurants and most of them were not as good as Red Lobster. Red Lobster never let me down they always have the best services and if you want to take a free drink home they will let you with no problem. The seafood there is always fresh when you walk through the door you will see the lobsters in an aquarium swimming in salt water, freshly caught. Loved this restaurant and the experience there was unforgettable. The prices are very fair and big size portions. If you don’t finish your food you can ask it to be packed and eat it the next day for leftovers. ¬†Highly recommend this restaurant give it a chance to amaze you .

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