New France Document Gallery

Champlain and Quebec 1608

The Habitation of Quebec

The Habitation of Quebec


1609 the raid against the Iroquois

Coureurs de bois > Brule




Company of One Hundred Associates


Jesuits and Huron

Huronia. People of Huronia


Jesuits being executed by the Iroquois

Jesuits tried to convert the Iroqouis to Catholicism

Royal Government

Jean Talon sends the kings daughters to New France

A Painting of the French Treaty with the Iroquois


The French trading with the Iroquois for beaver pelts

Trading furs with the native people



Coureurs de Bois






American Revolution

Causes of the American Revolution

 Stamp Act  March. 22nd


The Stamp that had to go on all documents that were purchased.

The stamp act was a fee for services and it was a stamp that had to be purchased and stuck on items that were for sale. The stamp act was made because Britain needed money but the stamp act did not solve the problem. The parliament felt that they were being taxed without their consent. The stamp act was cancelled in 1766.

Townshend Acts 1767 

The Townshend Act was a tax on everything that was imported

The Townshend Act was a tax that angered the citizens because the were being taxed without their consent. British wanted to prove their authority by taxing the 13 colonies.  The Townshend Act was repealed but they left the tax on tea to protect the British East India Company.


The Boston Massacre March 5 1770

When they shot unarmed colonists without a reason

The Boston Massacre was when the British shot a unarmed crowd killing five male colonists and injured six others. The incident  resulted in more hostility towards the British government. The Boston Massacre was also Anti British propaganda b colonial leaders.

Tea Act May 10 1773 and Boston Tea Party December 16 1773

When all the tea was being destroyed by the Sons of Liberty

The Tea Act was a tax for tea that they didn’t repel from the Townshend Act and that resulted into the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Tea Party was when the Sons of Liberty dressed up as Mohawks and threw boxes of tea in to the British harbor to protest against Tea Act.

Intolerable Acts/Coercive Acts April 22 1774

The Intolerable Act script from the British government

The Intolerable Acts was the British governments response to punish the colonists for the destruction of tea and it was harsh and unfair. The colonists refused to pay for the tea destroyed in the Boston Tea Party. The five acts are Boston Port Act ,Massachusetts Government Act,Quartering Act,Administration of Justice Act and Quebec Act.

Boston Port Act :  Closes the port of Boston until east India Company is compensated for the destroyed tea.

Massachusetts Government Act: Town meetings can only be held once a year and al  positions in the Colony’s government are now appointed by the British.

Quartering Act: Colonial governors may house soldiers in any unoccupied building including private homes.

Administration of Justice Act:  British officials accused of crimes can have their trials held in another colony.

Quebec Act:  A huge area attached to the province of Quebec in 1744 and this act made the French language.


First Continental Congress September 5 October 26 1774

This picture is showing the first Continental Congress

All the  ll of the thirteen Colonies except Georgia sent delegates to the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia. King George rejected the colonists’ petition that demanded the Intolerable Acts be repealed.


Battle of Lexington and Concord April 19 1775

A painting showing the battle of Lexington and Concord

King George sent General Tomas Gage to disarm the colonists and arrest the leaders. General Gage then sent 700 troops under Francis Smith’s supervision to destroy the weapons in Concord. Dr. Joseph Warren and alerted all the members of Sons of Liberty and  one of them went out to gather military supplies and the others warned Concord. The British arrived and the “Shot Heard Round the World” happened and nobody doesn’t know who fired. The red coats went to Concord and killed 10 wounded. The Redcoats fired several cannons and leftover ammo too,but then the Redcoats retreat then they leave Concord and left to Boston. The Redcoats were angered by their hidden enemy. They killed a lot of colonists in villages nearby. When they arrived in Boston 73 Redcoats were killed and a lot were wounded.

Battle of Bunker Hill June 17 1775


A painting showing the battle

The map showing the location of the battle


On  June 16, 1775, American troops acting under orders from ARTEMIS WARD moved out of their camp, carrying picks, shovels, and guns. They needed to go   on a rise located on Charleston Peninsula overlooking Boston. Their destination is BUNKER HILL. From Bunker  hill, the Americans  could bombard the town and British ships in Boston Harbor. But Ward’s men misunderstood his orders. They went to BREED’S HILL by mistake. The next morning, the British were surprised to see Americans threatening them. In the 18th century, British military custom  demanded that the British attack the Americans, even though the Americans had soldiers and cannon pointing down on the British soldiers. Major General William Howe, leading the British forces, could have easily surrounded the Americans with his ships at sea, but instead chose to march his troops uphill. And his army was defeated and a lot of his troops were killed or wounded. Then the British went uphill the second time and retreated.

Thomas Paine’s Common Sense February 14 1776

Thomas Paine’s pamphlet

Thomas Paine had brilliant arguments and he argued for two main points (1) independence from England and (2) the creation of a democratic republic. Thomas Paine was not religious but he knew the people of England are religious. Thomas just wanted independence.


Declaration of Independence July 4 1776 

The original declaration of independence

They made the Declaration of Independence to show ow the colonies are breaking apart from Great Britain. Three people who created the document were Tomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams. It was also a trick too.

Battle of Trenton December 26 1776

The journey to the battle of Trenton

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Battle of Saratoga October 7 1777


A painting showing the battle of Saratoga


The location where the battle took place


The British planned to cut off New England from the rest of the colonies by taking New York, Albany and the Hudson River.Generals Burgoyne, St. Leger and Howe would meet at Albany to defeat the rebel armies but Burgoyne’s army was  trapped in Saratoga and blocked by General Gates on October 7, 1777. Burgoyne attempted to attack the larger Patriot force but Burgoyne’s army was defeated by Arnold’s army at Bemis Heightsdue to a lack of supplies and high casualties then  Burgoyne surrendered and Patriot won the battle of  Saratoga.That was a turning point in the warit renewed the morale of the Americans convinced France. France sent generals, troops, ships, supplies, money to help Americans win the war.

Battle of Camden August 16 1780

Painting of the battle

Map of the Battle of Cowpens

The map where it took place

In 1780, the British had shifted their military strategies to focus on the southern colonies. Under Generals Clinton and Cornwallis, the British Army had easily taken the Loyalist stronghold of Savannah and had recently captured Charleston and over 5,000 Patriot soldiers. In late July of 1780, the Continental Congress voted to give command of a second southern army to Horatio Gates, the hero of the Battle of Saratoga.That action was taken without the consent of Commander-in-Chief George Washington, whom many believed Gates aimed to supplant.The Patriot southern army as over a thousand were captured and 900 were killed or wounded. The army’s artillery and baggage train were also captured. Patriot operations in the Southern Theater were utterly crippled.

Battle of Guildford Courthouse March 15 1781

A painting showing the Battle of Guilford Courthouse

The British leader only had 1,900 people and the  American’s 4,500 troops. The British won with the loss of 500 Soldiers, though this was the last British victory!

Battle of Yorktown October 6-19 1781

A painting showing how Yorktown surrenders

Six years into the war and George Washington’s army is tired and broke. It is the Summer of 1781 and hey needed a victory that can change the battle and maybe end the war.George Washington gets help from the French land forces trapped in Cornwallis’ army west and Comte de Grasse’s fleet trapped him from the east and there would be no British reinforcements. On October 6, 1781, Washington’s troops dug a trench 2ooo yards long, and 3 days later cannons and guns were dragged into place.The Redcoats began deserting. As things went on, trenches  dug closer and closer, As only a matter of time Cornwallis surrendered though previously tried to escape. This was the last battle!


Treaty of Paris 1783

The paper that ended the American revolution


Britain agreed to recognize American independence. They gave Americans fishing rights to the Grand Banks off the coast of Newfoundland. Britain also granted the U.S. all territory between Allegheny Mountains on the east and Mississippi River on the west.


This picture is showing loyalists side and the patriots side

Approximately 20% American colonists supported British rule and remained loyal. They were persecuted by the Patriots during the war Patriots abused them and burned their homes and farms. After the revolution and Treaty of Paris was signed, between 80,000-100,000 Loyalists had to leave U.S. Many settled in other British colonies in North America – Quebec, Nova Scotia and Island of St. John (PEI)

Constitution 1789

The original document

The constitution it outlines the structure and powers of government and the three branches of government are separate, checked and balanced off by the power of the other two.The U.S. Constitution is supreme. All persons are equal before the law and people can change the constitution.

Bill of Rights 1791 

A picture showing the Bill of Rights

The first 10 amendments (additions) of the constitution represent ideals regarding individual liberty, limited government, and the rule of law.

Worldwide Influence

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American Revolution spread ideas of liberty, individual rights and equality to other parts of the world. It influenced and inspired other revolutions around the world such as France in 1789 American Declaration of Independence had some impact on the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen of 1789



















Film Cromwell

In the film Cromwell I think that they did a great job at showing what happens if you insult the king or if the king dislikes something. The actors were a little hard to understand because of those big Piligram hats.  The Parliament scene where they showed what happens in the Parliament and when the king invades and arrests a few men. I just don’t understand why Cromwell left England.

Sammy Sperm story

Hello my name is Sammy and I’m a sperm, or at least, I used to be. Now that I’m in Uterusville, I am soon going to turn into an embryo before that happens, I will explain how I got there. This is my journey!!!


I didn’t start out in Uterusville. I started in the testis. A clinic where tons of other sperm are made. It was only about a month ago. In the clinic I wasn’t really able to move around but it was completely normal. Sperm normally can’t move when they are first produced. After I was done  being in the clinic I was allowed to go. I was sent to the epididymis.  I was still unable to move, I knew that this was the beginning of an amazing journey.

I travelled down the epididymis, what I like to be and stayed at the bottom for around two weeks. During the two  weeks  there were many other sperm. They were all doing the same thing, but we don’t know who will survive in this journey


Now I am  out of the epididymis I went on the Vas deferens highway.  I still couldn’t move, but I was dragged along with the other sperm. This was almost like a rollercoaster at play land  going up, up taking a turn at the bladder and going right back down. That’s when I got off the highway and in the Seminal Vesicle Diner. I stayed there  for a while. I don’t really know how long I stayed in the diner.I just sat down and then I  was kicked out. I was shoved all the way into a place filled with liquid.  I didn’t like the sticky solution it was gross. This liquid is called “semen”. In the semen, I kept moving, faster than I had never went before. Through the urethra express way I thought I was done with my journey.


I didn’t know  where I was.  But I was still surrounded by other sperm. I didn’t know  what was happening It suddenly starting moving. Slowly but surely, I started swimming. I noticed a few other sperm doing the same thing I wanted to  help my buddies, but I couldn’t.  I kept swimming for what was probably days. Swimming through a giant tunnel. Through Vaginaland. Then I came to a giant gate. The gate was  covered in liquid and was opening and closing. The Cervix station.  I wanted to see what was going on , but I couldn’t. I was already being sucked into the side. I was sucked through Oviduct Road. I was being careful I didn’t know what was next so I went into the side. Sticking on and making sure not to go any farther. I noticed a giant ball coming through Oviduct road. I was surrounded by Ms.Ovum

Once I saw her , I knew I needed to get closer. Something told me that I needed to get inside. I got closer and  noticed that many other sperm were already there, but were being kicked out by the little balls. I swam over, hoping to avoid any of the balls.None of them kicked me out. It was almost as they wanted to let me through. But my journey wasn’t done yet. I still had to crack the hard surface of the egg. It melted when I touched the egg. I went to the crack that I made and it was big enough for me to fit, I found the nucleus and I started joining to it. I ejected my DNA into it and thought that I have to do this in order to produce something.

I didn’t know what it was , but it  was called fertilization. I traveled  to Uterusville and attached to the side. Ms.Ovum and I  sank deep into the outer layers of Uterusville as Ms. Ovum and I began mitosis. We split, 2, 4,8 We didn’t stop until we turned into an embryo. An embryo that would eventually become  a baby.

BC.Power Story

We don’t think how we get power to our homes we just know that it is there. There are two main ways we get power Hydroelectric generation and thermal power plants.


Hydroelectric Generation: Water from rain or snow is stored in dams, a barrier that holds the water back. Gates and  meters measure the water flow through the penstocks, large pipes that pour  water into the turbines. When the water hits the turbines it spins. The shaft of these turbines are attached to an electricity generator, changing the kinetic energy of the spinning turbines.

Pros: + no waste

+ uses natrual water

+ Creates a bit of electricity

–  needs 66 719 L of water per day

– Harms wildlife because of turbines

Thermal Power Plants: Water is stored and heated up until it evaporates, turning to super heated steam. This steam spins turbines and like hydroelectric generation, the kinetic energy is turned to electrical energy.

Pros: + Water is reusable

– Pollution from heating the water constantly

the electricity is generated, it goes through a transformer to increase the voltage.


Expanding universe

The balloon was a representation of the universe. The dots were galaxies that were moving farther and farther from each other as the balloon/universe expanded. We have 6 difference galaxies represented with letters a-e and m. M is for Milky Way, our home galaxy which was closest to the neck of the balloon.

The Galaxies that were closest to the neck of the balloon moved the least and the ones that started off the farthest from “m” moved further.

The experiment show how the galaxies are expanding and getting bigger

DNA Bracelet

Genetic code is something found in DNA. It determines everything about you, from your personality to your hair colour. When your body need protein to be formed RNA carries the information out the nucleus and ribosomes read the DNA triplets and de-codes it into the separate amino acids to build proteins.

RNA is when protein needs to be made, that part of DNA that carries the information and RNA comes in to copy the information.

Mutation story

Hi I am a girl and my name is Sally. One day I went to the doctors for a blood test and the labratory was so shocked that they said that you have the rarest blood in the world. The doctors did more tests on Sally and the doctors  went to her parents and told her that you have to protect her from any danger because if she gets hurt or anything bad will happen they will not be able to save her life. Oneday Sally went out with her parents and there was a terrible car accident on the highway. Sally got very hurt and her parents just got a little bit of scratches. Sally lost a lot of blood and she really needed a blood transfusion but nobody in the hospital had her golden blood type. The golden blood gene mutation is a disadvantage because there is no one with golden blood that can save your life. But people with golden blood are super special and they are always protecting themselves because they know that nobody will be able to donate blood for blood transfusion.

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