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Beatty’s Lecture

Question: What reasons does Beatty give for the current state of society and for books being destroyed?

Captain Beatty has multiple reasonings for his beliefs in burning the books in their dystopian society. First, books are knowledge and to the government knowledge to the people is dangerous. All the books should be burned to not let the public obtain that knowledge. Secondly, Beatty told Montag, “If you don’t want a man unhappy political, don’t give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one. Better yet, give him none.” (Pg.58). This shows that the government is making everything boil down to one simple answer. Not letting people question their society and not making their own opinions. Thirdly, an example of his reasonings is so the books not to offend anyone. He makes the point where if there is a book that offends someone or a person, burn it so everyone can be happy. “Colored people don’t like Little Black Sambo. Burn it. White people don’t feel good about Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Burn it.” (Pg.57). But where there is nothing to offend anyone how can anyone be truly happy. In life you need something to fight for, something to believe in and with the burning of the books how can this happen. Also, without being sad or hurt, how can you be happy. Captain Beatty said, “Fire is bright, fire is clean.” (Pg.58). Beatty explains his reasonings furthermore explaining that what the firemen are doing is the right thing and the burning of the books is the only way everyone can be happy at once. Although through Montag’s point of view, that’s not the case.

Arts and Sciences

Arts and Science is very hard to compare but, both are very important to our society. Without Science where would we be in the world, what medical or architectural achievements would we have accomplished without it. But when we do accomplish those things, we need a way to preserve it. Arts and writing can show how things were done. To show the past, the rights and wrongs to make sure history does not repeat its self in a negative way. Also science helped structure our world today in buildings, medicine, and technology.  To help us survive in the world. But can all this exist with art. Creativity must be the base line of the architectural designs of our world. With everything that we create, there must be creativity right next to it. Art is creativity and without expressing emotion and our thoughts through it how are we suppose to have science and intellectual design. One cannot live without another.

Solar Oven Project

Science solar oven


  1. Cut a flap on the top part of a pizza box
  2. Cover the inside of the flap with Aluminum foil
  3. Use clear plastic wrap to trap heat inside the box
  4. Put black construction paper on the bottom
  5. To insulate wrap Styrofoam in aluminum and then place around the inside of the box.
  6. Use a ruler to prop up the flap to collect sunlight and heat.


Cardboard box and flap

Aluminum foil

Clear plastic wrap

Black construction paper




Research: Three common types of solar cookers

Box cooker: They are a box with an air tight wrap around it, while having a clear plastic wrap on the top allowing heat to come through but not leave, heating up the box to high temperatures.

Pro: Traps heat inside well, easy to make, can reach 150 degree Celsius, air tight and sealed well, not having to readjust.

Con: Cannot reach higher than around 150 degrees Celsius.


Panel cooker: Similar to the box cooker but has three sides to it directing the heat towards the food inside the box.

Pro: easy to make, better for moisture foods, does not require alignment, difficult to burn or over cook.

Con: 100 degrees Celsius, slow cooker,


Parabolic Cookers: They are shaped like satellite dishes with a pot centralized I the middle of the dish and reflective surfaces on the satellite dishes. This allows for the sun rays to hit the satellite and reflect the sun rays onto the food.

Pro: able to cook higher temperature foods, can reach higher temperatures than other cookers, cooking quickly.

Con: need to adjust the cooker a lot having to be facing the sun, difficult to build


We are choosing the Solar Box Oven because it can reach high temperatures and trap heat well.

How thermal transfers:

In this case with the solar oven the type of thermal energy is radiation. The suns UV lights travel through space to earth and hits the solar oven. The suns rays travel in waves instead of direct contact like other types of heat transfer and does not need any form of contact to heat up the box. The waves can travel through the clear plastic  but cannot escape.


Here is our Solar Box Oven



This is our box that we started with

We cut open the box and wrapped clear plastic around the open flap to allow light and heat to be trapped in the box

Then we put Styrofoam wrapped in aluminum foil to reflect the heat towards the food

This is the finished project with the aluminum flap catching the sunlight and heat and reflecting in into the box

Then a picture of the food on an aluminum plate with the sun hitting the plastic wrap trapping the heat inside to cook the marshmallows, crackers, and chocolate.


We had three trials each of the same food, marshmallow, chocolate, and a gram cracker, the first took 15 minutes, second took 20 minutes, and the third 25 minutes.

The first one tasted, a little cooked but still uncooked. The food was warm and chocolate melted

The second trial was tasted more crisp but uncooked on the inside.

The third trial that lasted 25 minutes the marshmallows and cracker were both crispy and very hot, the chocolate melted and turned to a liquid.



We redesigned the oven to have more panels to reflect the heat and sun lights rays into the box. This improves the heat and temperature of the box because it covers more of the heat possible exit points. Also the main reason because it reflects and directs the heat into the box cooking the food from more sides and in a hotter oven.


Four Basic Types of Solar Cookers


Science Astronomy Wonder


Will the universe ever stop expanding or is the universe infinite. We may never know how large the universe is or is there is even an end to it. But some theory’s suggest that the universe is ever growing

The Balloon Analogy shows that the universe is like a balloon with dots all over it representing the many galaxies. As you blow up the balloon each individual galaxy goes its own way just as the Big Bang Theory suggests.

The observable universe is 13.8 billion light years away, as far as human technology can see into space. That is the wonder if galaxies haven’t reached that far or it does still have much more distance in space that the universe reaches.

Here is a video about the universe expanding:





  1. Some questions I searched to find research on my topic were does the universe have an end? What would that look like? Is the Universe ever growing?

2. I used different space websites such as NASA’s website and

3. I searched upon multiple websites

4. I found a fact on one website and searched that same fact on other websites to see if it is a reliable source.

5. The process of this project was finding a well thought out question then researching using trusted sites, then using that information in my project