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Will the universe ever stop expanding or is the universe infinite. We may never know how large the universe is or is there is even an end to it. But some theory’s suggest that the universe is ever growing

The Balloon Analogy shows that the universe is like a balloon with dots all over it representing the many galaxies. As you blow up the balloon each individual galaxy goes its own way just as the Big Bang Theory suggests.

The observable universe is 13.8 billion light years away, as far as human technology can see into space. That is the wonder if galaxies haven’t reached that far or it does still have much more distance in space that the universe reaches.

Here is a video about the universe expanding:








  1. Some questions I searched to find research on my topic were does the universe have an end? What would that look like? Is the Universe ever growing?

2. I used different space websites such as NASA’s website and space.com

3. I searched upon multiple websites

4. I found a fact on one website and searched that same fact on other websites to see if it is a reliable source.

5. The process of this project was finding a well thought out question then researching using trusted sites, then using that information in my project