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ADL2016 Science App Review



Define: Can I learn about the periodic table with the families and the elements properties.

Brainstorm- Find an app with a periodic table showing the properties and families of the elements on the apple store. Try a few out choose the best for our project.

Dream- A wish would be to have a model of the atom, a Bohr model that shows the electrons and protons and neutrons. Even being able to take two chemicals into a beaker and mix them would be amazing.



App Explanation- An app that uses the Periodic table and shows the atomic properties is called Quick Elements.


App exploration- The app shows the families of the periodic table and where they are in the table. It shows all the metals, non metals and, metalloids. When clicking onto on to one of the elements it can show the ionic charge, atomic mass and atomic number. If you click on a element it can show the physical properties, melting point and boiling point. Also shows the ion charges.img_1607

Pros & Cons: A pro would be showing the ionic charge with out having to solve anything. Another is the Periodic Table has all the families , named and colour coded. A Con is it doesn’t have Bohr diagram of the element. You cant see any compounds of elements, cant mix elements together.

Debrief: Over all the app was pretty much everything I thought of first. It was easy to use, simple and straight to the point with the information about every element.  I learned more about the families in the table and what each element has in common with the other element in that certain family. Also I now know the chemical families names better and where they are on the table.

Digital Footprint


privacy-settingsHow might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities? Give at least two examples. It could affect my future life because when applying for a job the interviewers can search your name and inappropriate images can show up. Also if you post a rude personal message on social media that will stay there foreverdigital-footprint

Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe. Don’t take or post inappropriate photos or messages of you or others.  Always use privacy settings on your social media accounts or anything you signed up for.

What information did you learn that you would pass on to other students? How would you go about telling them?digital-professional       twitter-security1                                                                                        I learned to keep a low profile or a low digital footprint by not posting too much on social media

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Can silly putty be made in micro-gravity? Zac Olstead

1a) The experiment is basically just testing whether or not silly putty can be made in microgravity, and if so they are testing to see how different the traits are of the silly putty that was made in microgravity vs the one made on earth.

Who: 8th graders from Lincoln middle school, the middle school science teachers, Collaborators: Francis Abastillas, Dean Chien, Matilda Loughmiller, Alex Soohoo, Roman Valentine, and Jane Cho Watts, Principal investigator: Cindy Yen.

From where: Lincoln middle school, Santa Monica, California.

What: The experiment is trying to figure out, What is the effect of microgravity on the formation of silly putty and how do the characteristics differ from the silly putty made on earth?

Why: They did this experiment of making silly putty in microgravity to help the world learn more about non-Newtonian fluid.

When: it was either June 7, 2012 or between May 22-24 2012

1b) Retell the team’s background research.

The materials that the team used was sodium borate solution, which is borax mixed with tap water, and Elmer’s glue. They used type 2 FME with glue in the main FME volume and sodium borate solution in the long ampoule. After it was mixed around it became homemade silly putty. When the FME got back to earth they will test the differences and of the silly putty made in micro-gravity and the silly putty on Earth. The traits that they were testing for is molecular structure, viscosity, color, adhesiveness, dissolvability in alcohol, bounce height, and flammability. They predict that the silly putty will be made in the ISS although the viscosity and bounce height will be different. The team hopes the silly putty in micro-gravity will be useful in the knowledge of non-Newtonian fluid.

1.c) The difference between a control group and an experimental group is, one group is exposed to the conditions of the experiment and the others not.

Experimental: Where the experimental procedure is performed

Control: Where the independent variable being tested cannot influence the results.

2) Why this team won the opportunity to get their experiment in space.

I think the reason they won because they had a creative idea, they made silly putty on earth then made it up in space. It is also a different idea than others. I think mainly can this organism live in this habitat but can we make this. That is why I think this team won.