House Response

In the story “House” by Jane rule, a family tried to be normal, but for some people being conventional is not in their life. Harry wants his family to move into a nice big house when his wife, Anna, and there two kids would like to have a boat but sacrifice a big house. When Harry gets Anna on board of buying a house he believes this is what he wants and, what is better for his family. Except that when he gets a mortgage and starts to be paying more bills, he gets depressed and realizes that this may not be best for him and his family. So he comes home one day and hears a thumping noise. Only to find out Anna and the kids are knocking down a wall. To Harry’s and the readers surprise, he takes a swing at the wall and started to love the idea. This is the moment when his epiphany about a new house turned back into what they used to live like. The family starts to think about what else they can bring down, getting back there old, unconventional life. Harry’s epiphany was a wake up of what his life should be.