Our group were assigned pages 31 to 40, where the firemen received a call about an old lady and her books. Since I was away on the day we were assigned the project, I got the role Connector, where I find connections in the book to our world and other literatures. I contributed many creative ideas as well as creating some visuals. Although my visuals were first meant as a joke, we decided to put it in the PowerPoint anyways for some laughs. For my section, after taking down some notes, I had a general idea of what I would be talking about. I first found the quotes that I could use to put in the PowerPoint, and did research on some historical people, such as Martin Luther King Jr, Anne Frank, and Benjamin Franklin. After getting my research done over the long weekend, I inserted only the most important information in point form on the PowerPoint. I was able to prepare thoroughly and had everything I needed to talk about memorized in my mind. Since not all my group members were present on the day of the presentation, I also needed to present the summary, which was Alyah’s role.