September foods reflection

I chose to reflect on this lab because i really liked this lab and i feel like it turned out really well, and i have not made any kind of jam before so this was all new to me which i found very cool, and it was also a fun lab. This lab was fun i wouldn’t put it in my favorites, but i did find it fun to make, and i also had fun making it with my group. The end product was good, but i feel like it could have been better, i feel like if we used a lighter apple then it would not have floated to the top. Other than this small problem it turned out great. My group worked pretty well together but i feel like we could have had better communication. Why i say this is because we did not take a picture of the mis en plus the picture i have is another groups, i feel like if i maybe asked them or if i told them to wait so that we could take [pictures we could have been more organized. I loved this lab, but if i was to do it again i think the only change i would make is i think i would try to make peach jam or raspberry jam instead, i liked apple jam but now since i have already tried it i would want to switch it up and make a different flavor.







Caffeine has no positive health effects that are proven

In the world there are about 624 million cups of coffee sold in one day. 83% of people say they do not know what they would do without there cup of coffee in the morning. This brings to mind is coffee bad or good for you, does it have any benefits, this is what i am going to tell you. Some pretty recent research has showed that caffeine actually does lower the risk of dementia and Parkinson disease. We all need that boost sometimes, but in the end is it worth it. Caffeine can be very dangerous if to much is consumed, but what if you had a healthy amount of caffeine does that change anything or is there even a healthy amount of caffeine. About 400 mg of caffeine is the right amount a day, no more or you could risk a heart attack or different diseases. if you  have this amount or less caffeine could actually reduce the risk of  oral cancers, it could make you live longer, and just in general it is not to bad for you. Caffeine aside coffee is actually not that bad for you it produces a healthy amount of energy with no sugar added and it tastes great so why did we add the caffeine, because we wanted that boost. People need to realize that you do not need much caffeine to get the boost, you only need 2 or 3 cups depending on your size and health to get the boost you need, so why do people feel the need to drink 5 or 6 cups a day. People just need to find a balance to get the right amount of caffeine in but not to much so that they do not have any risks but also so that they get the boost they need. So overall caffeine does have some positive effects only if you consume the right amount though, otherwise it could lead to many harmful diseases and in the worse case death.