A Place at the Table Video Response

  1. What are two examples of food insecurity identified in this movie? What were some of the ways in which the individuals involved coped with their predicament? Were they successful? Why or why not

When barbie and Rosie did not know where there next meal was coming from. some of the ways they coped with this is they went with what they have and what they could afford and they just played it out day by day and ate what came to them, and whats cheap. They did not focus on the nutrition facts they just focused on whats cheap. In a way they were successful but in another way they were not. They did get through it and they ended up getting food in the end, but day by day they have to worry about where they are getting it from.

2- What specific demographics in our country might be more at risk of experiencing food insecurity? Why are they more at risk? Is there anything historical that might have caused this increased risk?

In our country people with kids who cant afford to give them proper food will experience food insecurity. People will be able to afford food day by day, but they will not be able to get the right foods and whats needed. These people are more at risk because they can barley afford food and they will not be able to live a healthy lifestyle if they keep on buying food that is bad for you and not the food with proper nutrients.

3- What is your personal reaction to this movie? Did you have any preexisting ideas about food insecurity? Were you surprised by some of the information that was presented? Why or why not?

My reaction to this, is that i am surprised by how many people are food insecure and cant afford the right food. We are trying to solve this problem by donating and giving out food where we can and also food banks, but the problem keeps on getting worse. Before watching this film i thought that we had it under control because everyone is trying to help in one way or another, but after watching this film i now see that it is a bigger problem then we think it is. We have enough food to share so why arent we doing better than this.

4- If you were in a position to directly or indirectly influence the issue at hand (such as a politician or policy maker) what would you do to help? What policies do you think could aid those that are hungry? OR What is a way that you could make a difference today? How would you go about making that difference and change?

What i would try to do is make everyone donate to this problem and then see where we get from there, after that i would create food banks across the country to try and solve the problem. I think this would help us out so much because it is not that hard to do, sure it may not solve the whole problem at once but maybe over time if we had food banks and people who donate money and food to the food insecure people then we would lower the amount of people who have to worry about what they are going to eat the next day.