Totem Response

Bringing it all together. Answer the following question in a short paragraph:

In your opinion, based on the theme of this story, how has Canadian history and attitudes shaped the First People of Canada’s identity?

First nations people now days are not the same as people think they are. We picture first nations with feathers on there head carving totem poles on there land, but in reality they are just normal people that look like me or the average person. This will affect first nations people also because they are the ones being stereotyped. People also think all first nations people are the same where there are many different  tribes and there are so many different people in the culture, so many different personalities as well.

A Place at the Table Video Response

  1. What are two examples of food insecurity identified in this movie? What were some of the ways in which the individuals involved coped with their predicament? Were they successful? Why or why not

When barbie and Rosie did not know where there next meal was coming from. some of the ways they coped with this is they went with what they have and what they could afford and they just played it out day by day and ate what came to them, and whats cheap. They did not focus on the nutrition facts they just focused on whats cheap. In a way they were successful but in another way they were not. They did get through it and they ended up getting food in the end, but day by day they have to worry about where they are getting it from.

2- What specific demographics in our country might be more at risk of experiencing food insecurity? Why are they more at risk? Is there anything historical that might have caused this increased risk?

In our country people with kids who cant afford to give them proper food will experience food insecurity. People will be able to afford food day by day, but they will not be able to get the right foods and whats needed. These people are more at risk because they can barley afford food and they will not be able to live a healthy lifestyle if they keep on buying food that is bad for you and not the food with proper nutrients.

3- What is your personal reaction to this movie? Did you have any preexisting ideas about food insecurity? Were you surprised by some of the information that was presented? Why or why not?

My reaction to this, is that i am surprised by how many people are food insecure and cant afford the right food. We are trying to solve this problem by donating and giving out food where we can and also food banks, but the problem keeps on getting worse. Before watching this film i thought that we had it under control because everyone is trying to help in one way or another, but after watching this film i now see that it is a bigger problem then we think it is. We have enough food to share so why arent we doing better than this.

4- If you were in a position to directly or indirectly influence the issue at hand (such as a politician or policy maker) what would you do to help? What policies do you think could aid those that are hungry? OR What is a way that you could make a difference today? How would you go about making that difference and change?

What i would try to do is make everyone donate to this problem and then see where we get from there, after that i would create food banks across the country to try and solve the problem. I think this would help us out so much because it is not that hard to do, sure it may not solve the whole problem at once but maybe over time if we had food banks and people who donate money and food to the food insecure people then we would lower the amount of people who have to worry about what they are going to eat the next day.



September foods reflection

I chose to reflect on this lab because i really liked this lab and i feel like it turned out really well, and i have not made any kind of jam before so this was all new to me which i found very cool, and it was also a fun lab. This lab was fun i wouldn’t put it in my favorites, but i did find it fun to make, and i also had fun making it with my group. The end product was good, but i feel like it could have been better, i feel like if we used a lighter apple then it would not have floated to the top. Other than this small problem it turned out great. My group worked pretty well together but i feel like we could have had better communication. Why i say this is because we did not take a picture of the mis en plus the picture i have is another groups, i feel like if i maybe asked them or if i told them to wait so that we could take [pictures we could have been more organized. I loved this lab, but if i was to do it again i think the only change i would make is i think i would try to make peach jam or raspberry jam instead, i liked apple jam but now since i have already tried it i would want to switch it up and make a different flavor.







Caffeine has no positive health effects that are proven

In the world there are about 624 million cups of coffee sold in one day. 83% of people say they do not know what they would do without there cup of coffee in the morning. This brings to mind is coffee bad or good for you, does it have any benefits, this is what i am going to tell you. Some pretty recent research has showed that caffeine actually does lower the risk of dementia and Parkinson disease. We all need that boost sometimes, but in the end is it worth it. Caffeine can be very dangerous if to much is consumed, but what if you had a healthy amount of caffeine does that change anything or is there even a healthy amount of caffeine. About 400 mg of caffeine is the right amount a day, no more or you could risk a heart attack or different diseases. if you  have this amount or less caffeine could actually reduce the risk of  oral cancers, it could make you live longer, and just in general it is not to bad for you. Caffeine aside coffee is actually not that bad for you it produces a healthy amount of energy with no sugar added and it tastes great so why did we add the caffeine, because we wanted that boost. People need to realize that you do not need much caffeine to get the boost, you only need 2 or 3 cups depending on your size and health to get the boost you need, so why do people feel the need to drink 5 or 6 cups a day. People just need to find a balance to get the right amount of caffeine in but not to much so that they do not have any risks but also so that they get the boost they need. So overall caffeine does have some positive effects only if you consume the right amount though, otherwise it could lead to many harmful diseases and in the worse case death.


Fear Photo


In this picture it is myself and my friend after a soccer game. My fear is disappointment, and i chose this picture because me and my friend are disappointed that we lost our soccer game. This fear could affect my decisions because i might not choose to do something because i feel like i may disappoint someone or do something wrong. I am reducing the power over myself because i do not take as many chances or i do not try as many new things as i should which leads to this fear. I learnt in this exercise is most of my classmates understand and they see where i am coming from, and even some people have a similar fear to me. This exercise did help because i feel like a will try new things and try to be more open with new things.

Wasting Foods

I will admit i do waste a lot of food and my family does also, this does not mean i do it on purpose or my family does. We waste a lot of food because we have no one to give it to if someone asked for our leftover food we would happily give it to them but if no one does then it is hard for us to keep it because if we keep the leftovers then they do not look as appetizing as when they were fresh personally and for most people i find myself throwing out a lot of leftovers and throwing out a lot of good food, also i throw out a lot of food that has expired even though it is still most likely fine to eat still. Some things i can improve on is choosing what i eat i should plan out what i eat so i know that there are no leftovers to throw away or that they are leftovers that i will eat. Another improvement that i can make is making the right amount of food for the right amount of people, always make sure that there is the correct amount of servings. A way that lots of us could cut down on waste is to plan out who is eating what you are making or what your buying, and make that much food so that there is the right amount of food. Also if you do end up with leftovers make sure that you are taking it for lunch or that you are not throwing it away.

April Foods Reflection

I chose to reflect on this lab because it went well, and was one of my favorite labs. This was the chicken Parmesan lab. Personally i have never cooked chicken or steak before, so it was good to learn how important it is to cook the food all the way through. This is a good lab for beginners who like to have fancy meals and eat good food high in protein and such, but is not that hard to make either which is awesome. If i had to make one change to this dish it would be to make penne pasta instead of the spagetti but that is just because i like penne the best not because the spaghetti was bad, so i would not change much about this lab at all.





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Eating disorders – Pica

Pica is a eating disorder that involves people eating things such as paint, dirt, rubber, insulation, or other items that have no nutritional value. People with certain mental health conditions such as schizophrenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder may develop pica as a coping mechanism. Some people may even enjoy and crave the textures or flavors of certain nonfood items. In some cultures, eating clay is an accepted behavior. People with Pica could eat harmless things such as grass, or ice but also could eat potentially harmless things such as dried up paint, or loose metal which could cause blockages in the intestinal tract which could lead to dehydration, vomiting, and shock. This condition usually occurs in young children or pregnant women and usually is just a temporary condition. Pica causes a lot of nutrient deficiency’s such as iron, zinc and some other different nutrients. In pregnant women you may have Pica and the unusual cravings that you have are deficiency’s of nutrients. Pregnant women can be especially prone to the disorder, which also affects people with learning difficulties such as autism. There is no single cause in Pica there is multiple, people may like the texture of the item, they may also have low nutrient levels, and finally people may start a diet and eventually get down to eating thing with either very little nutrients or no nutrients at all. People who Pica typically affect is very young children who do not know what they are doing and how bad it actually is for you, or also pregnant women because of the hormone change they may start to eat random things, which could seem harmless but could lead to some major long term affects. some signs of Pica are different deficiency’s and also development disorders, kids may not mature as fast or as normal then other people. Treating Pica is no simple task it is not like you can just make them stop eating you may have to lock up different materials, also if you go to a doctor they will first find out what you have been eating by different tests, and after they have they will tell you to either lock them up or remove the item if you can. The doctor may also test if you have an obsession or if it is just a craving to see what they need to do. if you have an obsession you may need to be but in a mental institute or a group home, but if it is just a craving then it still is no easy task but it may be a bit easier to treat. In conclusion Pica is a very serious disorder and if you or someone you know think that you have Pica or even a tiny craving for something it is recommended that you see a doctor.



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