October 18

Mt.Saint Hellenes

Question 1: 3 impacts on humans

  • 57 people where killed by ash and mud flow
  • Major damage to human roads and houses etc.
  • Using lazers to measure the growth of the mountain
  • People were preparing for the “worst to happen”
  • If people where caught in that line they will never be found
  • after all the change, the lakes now have fish in them and people enjoy their time there fishing.

Question 2: talk to a teacher to remember the Mt.Saint Hellenes eruption

Interviewer: Owen                                                                         Time of recording: 22/10/2018 7:50 pm

Interviewed: Mother


At the time of the explosion of Mt. Saint Helen’s, my mother was in Nelson BC, Canada, approximately 8 hours away from POCO and 9 hours away from Mt. Saint Helens. My mother had heard about the event of the eruption over the news, and for as frightened as the people closest to the blast where, the kids of Nelson had a different reaction “We where actually excited… we were not in any danger and It was the first time anything like this had happend before… things like that only happened in movies. Also i was in grade 7” unfortunately for her it was to far away to see the blast or the pillar of smoke rising from the crater as it was obstructed by the surrounding mountains. However even though it was so far away and on the other side of the mountain the people did not go unscathed “The ash hit us too, not enough to do damage to the environment or poison the air or anything like that. but it was enough to excite us… we put pieces of paper out to let the ash land on”. So even though they were so far away these people where still touched by the effect of the explosion.

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