December 19

Earthquake lab


  1. What went wrong with today’s lab? List all the variables that disturbed our results and create a solution to make the outcome more accurate.
  2. Why do you need more than one seismometer station to find the epicentre of an earthquake? Why is one not enough?
  3. Why do you think identifying an epicentre location is important for our  society?
  4. How could we use this data in an emergency response situation?


  1. There where TOO many variables to get an accurate reading on this, from different walking speeds, to leg length, to not having a steady turn on your S wave.
  2. because it only gives you the radius of where the earth quake came from. So if you have multiple readings, you will have a more precise reading as to where it came from.
  3. Because if you know where the earthquakes are hitting you can be more prepared for the next one or you can just not live there.
  4. to find where the most damage has been caused and to try to get there faster to save the people that took the worst of the impact

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