week 12 – Precalc

This week in Precalc we continued with unit 8 Absolute value functions.

We started the week with Absolute value and reciprocal functions.  The parent function is (y=x) to base all other functions off from.  If we have an equation like |3x+6| we can use this to find the critical point (the point where the line bounces up) or the x-intercept which will be (-2).  from there we can find other features like the y-intercept (0,6), the domain ( x is all real numbers) and the range (y \textgreater (or equal to) 0.

The next thing we learned was absolute value expressions.  By simplifying, factoring, solving etc. we can find the solutions to the equations which are the solutions.

Ex :















solutions are -4 and -1.

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