core competency reflection precalc 12

The functions and transformations unit had a large impact on my critical and creative thinking and communication skills.  Math is all about critical thinking.  In every unit critical thinking is a key component to success and a well understanding.  This first unit of precalc 12 has taught me more about critical thinking at a grade 12 level compared to precalc 11, it’s a big change.  Being able to communicate with other classmates has also taught me a lot about my communication skills within the classroom.

My creative thinking has been tested a lot this semester.  Jumping from precalc 11 to precalc 12 I had to find new ways to study since the curriculum is very different.  I created new study habits and strategies in order to help me with my understanding of the concepts.  Since I had precalc 11 in the first semester of last year, it has forced me to really think about the past units in order to use that information to help me with this unit.

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