Lactase Reaction Rate

Experiment: Same glucose solution mixed with a different number of drops of lactase

Purpose: To see the effect an increased or decreased amount of concentration of lactase enzyme mixed with a dairy substance will affect the rate of production of glucose within a reaction

Hypothesis: If more lactase drops are added into the milk, then the greater amount of glucose is produced because more of the enzymes that break down lactose are working in larger amounts to produce different amounts of glucose.


  1. 5 Test Tubes
  2. Test Tube Rack
  3. Milk (2%)(60ml, 12ml per test tube)
  4. Lactase Drops
  5. 10 Glucose Strips
  6. Graduated cylinder (50ml)


  1. Prepare 5 test tubes with the required amount of milk (30 ml per test tube).
  2. Prepare the lactase dropper and drop the required amount of milk into the test tubes except for one, this is your control tube
  3. Test each solution with a glucose strip before adding any drops, and record information in data chart below.
  4. According to the chart below, drop the required amount of lactase drops into the milk.
  5. Make sure the solution is mixed well with the milk.
  6. Wait 10 minutes before testing each test tube with the glucose strips.
  7. Once it has been 10 minutes, place a glucose strip into each test tube wait 30 seconds, compare colour to chart below and record the data below.
  8. Graph your data, [ ] of Glucose vs. # of Lactase drops, with # of Lactase drops on x-axis, and [ ] of Glucose on y-axis