Persuasive Essay – Pro Technology

Technology is a blessing and has done so much for our society that we would crumble without it. As one looks around, technology is strongly involved within our day to day lives, creating a world that revolves around it. As you sit at home the average person is usually doing something with technology. Whether that’s watching TV, on your phone or handheld device. Technology is a blessing due to its medical and educational purposes, making easy accessibility towards communication, and its ways of creating relationships. As the year’s progress so many amazing medical discovers have been revealed, and keep being revealed as the years go on. states that, “Technology has carved out a society where patients can have better treatment, better recovery, and improved lives.” Due to technology, doctors can save millions of lives globally. Educationally, the world has become more knowledgeable from ways of using sources, to open the mindset towards enlightening oneself through technology. One can see this from how it is used within the classroom. Students have access to an incredible amount of information just at their fingertips, making work easier and more advanced with updated information. From 10 kilometers away to 5000 kilometers away, or even from the other side of the world, we are able to communicate with people just at a click of a button. Individuals can never lose touch with someone or can reach anyone whenever they want, just by picking up their phone or chatting online. From communicating with others, many new relationships are created through sources such as social media. Finding new friends or partners, just by viewing a profile that describes a person you may have never met if it wasn’t for technology. With that all said, get out there, explore the world in a different way through a screen, and become a more educated and well-connected person by the means of technology. Without technology in our lives, so many things wouldn’t be the way they were today, and so many people wouldn’t know what was happening throughout the world in such depth. Technology is a blessing, and even if you haven’t realized it, you should now.



Blackout Poem – “Death of a Salesman”

“Death of a Salesmen” purveys a theme of tragedy throughout the play. Written by the playwright author, Arthur Miller, “Death of a Salesmen” is a play about a 63-year-old salesman named Willy Loman, who is showing early signs of Alzheimer’s, which is leading him towards the lack of progress within the sales industry and damaging his relationship with his sons. Willy wants to live the American Dream but has never been able to do so, due to this, he becomes very hard on his oldest son Biff to become successful in life. The play falls in the genre of tragedy because it shows a man who has the potential for great things in his life, but with decisions not well thought of due to his state of mind, he loses so much that in some cases he won’t be able to get back. His relationship with his sons will never be the same as they used to, from the way Willy is acting towards them now and all the pressure he is bringing upon them. He is a hard-working person that is capable of success but becomes obsessive over, seeking out materialistic possessions which are all examples of how this play provides a tragic theme.


The project for this play was to create a blackout poem, where one finds words in a piece of literature and creates a poem by colouring out the other words. My poem relates to Willy because it shows the characteristics that he brings upon others. He shows a side of aggression when in conversation with Linda and Biff while talking about careers. He has a pure and loving side to him when he is in a healthy state of mind, but hides lots from his family. In the illustration, Willy is planting seeds beside a dead flower to symbolize how the growth of a person sometimes isn’t as successful as one would like it to be. In conclusion, this play demonstrates that trying to have everything, can make you end up with having nothing and develop bad relationships with others.

DOAS Monologues

The following is an example I created of a monologue for the character of Happy from “Death of a Salesmen.”

Happy: I am a 32-year-old man, who can’t seem to find my place in this world yet. I want so much but don’t know where to start. All I want is my own apartment, my own car and plenty of women. As I get older I’m starting to feel extremely lonely. One could find me physically attractive due to my built. I feel as that’s all I got going for me, women and my looks. My father has made me believe that success comes from being well-liked. I have always felt like the second picked child towards my father, this being from my brother biff’s achievements in life, even though I have a successful job and Biff doesn’t, he won’t look at me the same. I feel like I  always am trying to please my father. But now with my father’s mind becoming lost, I’m starting to fade away from the fact that he has any connections towards me.


This is a monologue because Happy is speaking to someone (Biff) about his feelings without being interrupted by the listener.


This monologue would fit into the current plot when Biff and Happy were having a conversation together about their lives in their bedroom.

Characterization (3D) – ”Robert”

From the novel LOTF, the character Robert can be described in very few ways.  From the beginning, Robert wasn’t apart of the little’un’s, but wasn’t as big physically and as old as the older boys. He is Jacks sideman meaning he is trustworthy in others eyes. Robert is weaker and more vulnerable which he his picked on by the other hunters. His thoughts and suggestions are becoming inhumane from his influences and being out of an average society for so long. Robert is Tan and dirty, he is apart of the hunters so he probably has his face painted. His school clothes are ratty and made his pants into shorts. Below are quotes that can give a greater visual on Robert.



  1. “And then: about the fire.” Ralph let out his spare breath with a little gasp that was echoed by his audience. Jack started to chip a piece of wood with his knife and whispered something to Robert, who looked away” (61).

-In this scene, Ralph calls the group to an assembly after the hunters Robert is clearly one of Jack’s sidemen who he can trust.

2. For a moment or two Simon was happy to be accepted and then he ceased to think about himself. When he bashed into a tree Ralph looked sideways impatiently and Robert sniggered.

-This quote states that Robert has immaturity and finds little things funny.

3. “All at once, Robert was screaming and struggling with the strength of frenzy. Jack had him by the hair and was brandishing his knife”

4. -This quote states that Robert has fear and is smaller than Jacks strength and size.

5. Then they lay quiet, panting, listening to Robert’s frightened snivels. He wiped his face with a dirty arm, and made an effort to retrieve his status.

-This quote states that he is week.

6. Robert stabilized the thing in a phrase which was received uproariously. “Right up her ass!”

-This states that Robert is immature, going inhumane.

7. Maurice and Robert skewered the carcass, lifted the dead weight, and stood ready. In the silence, and standing over the dry blood, they looked suddenly furtive.

8. “That was Jack and Maurice and Robert,” said Ralph. “Aren’t they having fun?”

9. “He’s a proper chief, isn’t he?” Robert nodded

-He listens to others opinions and agrees with people who are socially above him.

10. “I don’t know. He didn’t say. He got angry and made us tie Wilfred up. He’s been”—he giggled excitedly—“he’s been tied for hours, waiting—”

-Robert is going crazy and finding amusement in the suffering of others.

11. “He jerked his head in the direction of the distant shelters where a thread of white smoke climbed up the sky. Roger, sitting on the very edge of the cliff, looked somberly back at the island as he worked with his fingers at a loose tooth. His gaze settled on the top of the distant mountain and Robert changed the unspoken subject.”

12. “Ralph too was fighting to get near, to get a handful of that brown, vulnerable flesh”(88).

Describes his tan skin from being on the island for so long.