stretch the kitchen- brookies

Our group decided to make brookies (chocolate chip cookies on top of a brownie) Day 1 was preparation and it went very well, we gathered all our ingredients and converted our recipe into metrics. Day 2 we started off by making sure we had all the ingredients again and we started with our chocolate chip mixture, then brownie and then the combining. The whole process went very smoothly and we didn’t make any mistakes but as we were putting the brownie mixture into the oven we realized we could have just used non stick spray instead of using parchment paper and that would have made the brownie mixture look smoother.

Here is some pictures we took,

After taking them out the oven we realized the center had not cooked properly and we could probably left it in the oven longer. Overall the end product looked amazing and we are proud of converting the recipe and putting it together properly. Again, we do regret not keeping it in the oven longer because that would have made it better.

Here is a picture of the final product:

Here is the recipe we used:

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