Blog Post 3: “Barney”   Exposition: “ We are alone now on the island now, Barney and I” (211) Rising Action (conflict): “ The petty vandalisms I could have forgiven, but when he tried to poison Barney out of simple malice, he was standing in the way of scientific progress” (211) Rising Action 1: “ […]

A television drama

A Television Drama Reading: “A Television Drama” by Jane Rule Instructions: Respond to the writing prompt below. The response should be between 100-150 words. Part 1 and part 2 should be separate paragraphs. Please make sure you take time to EDIT your work for spelling and punctuation mistakes. When finished, post to your blog! Use […]

My mutation story

My mutation is cancer. How does cancer start? Your body is made up of 100 of millions and millions of cells. Cancer can start when just one cell begins to grow and multiply too fast for your body to control. The result is a growth called a tumour. These tumours can cause big problems when […]

My groups sway on biomes Examine: I think my group did well with this project, but we got confused with the due date.. After we figured it was due that day we pulled it together and created an amazing sway on biomes…I will be honest me and my team had some difficulties. But I’m proud of them because we […]

Science app review

science app review You need help studying or last minute cram of notes before a chemistry test? I’ve got just the science app for you!!!! This app has timed multiple choice quizzes that will help you improve what you know about the periodic table… different level and every level= new section As an example…. level […]

My digital footprint

    About a month ago I had no idea what a digital footprint even was. Until Mr. Barrington walked into my classroom and asked my class… What is a digital footprint? no body really knew so we talked about it and I realized how your digital footprint can control your life in the future. […]