Workplace Safety

To keep myself safe at work I will:

  • think about my safety/life as more important than my job
  • make sure I know my rights as a worker
  • make sure to report/document any injury even if its small

To keep others safe at work I will:

  • report any hazards I see regarding other peoples job
  • inform other people about my knowledge if I see that they could use it

What story resonates with you the most, why? What did I learn from it?

Personally I think Matt’s story stuck with me the most because of two reasons. The first was because of his age, he was only 19 at the time. This just shows you whole life ahead could be compromised because of one small decision. Also because of how he had a gut feeling or vision of the oil spilling on him before it actually did. That was the biggest point because he actually saw what would happen before it did and he should have stopped and trusted his gut feeling. I learned how my whole life could change at an early age if don’t trust my gut feeling which is always the thing thats right.




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