Pro Life vs Pro Choice? – blog log #2

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This article was very investing to me because of how deep the author looks into the idea of pro life vs pro choice. This topic has always intrigued and connected to me because of my strong beliefs around pro choice. I believe that every woman should have 100% say for what happens to her body, whether that be about a child or not. The author uses strong references and examples, making connections to her own life and about how she states she was blessed when her son was born. The author made a connection to her son who has down syndrome. She connects her life to others lives, stating statistics about how many babies with Down syndrome are aborted by their mothers and not given a chance to live. Although the author relates this topic back to her own life, she stays far from opinion and stays neutral in her writing, maintaining unbiased views on a huge topic. This article makes me think of the abortion law in Alabama, connecting to the never ending list of strong opinions I see and read about on social media. In the end of the article, still maintaining an unbiased writing style, the author proves the wrong behind abortion, which made me think that maybe I don’t believe 100% in pro choice. With examples from her life and her son she depicts the wrong behind abortion, for example aborting based on gender, special needs, and mental illness. Ultimately this article changed my “black or white” view and nothing in between. It opened my eyes with the use of connections to someones real life and feelings.

Blog log #1

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In this article they touch on the highly talked about topic of vaping, its dangers, and the upsurge of the use of e-cigarrettes amongst teens today. As the use of traditional cigarettes decrease in the developing generations and as we sway towards a so called “healthier alternative” many new discussions are being brought to the table. Recently I have been over whelmed by two particle posts i have seen all over Instagram, relating to the topic of vaping. The long term effects are unknown since it is a newer “trend” especially amongst teens. From the beginning companies of e-cigaretts have targeted the younger generation, thats why we are just starting to the the long term effects of nicotine devices now. Both of the posts were anti vaping campaigns, coming from two individuals that have recently had their lungs collapse from the frequent use of these nicotine devices, with that resulting with them in the hospital with serious health concerns.

This article was super interesting to me because of the amount of friends and people I know who frequently vape, ignoring the health concerns and negative effects to your developing body. After seeing these posts on Instagram of people in hospital beds because of vaping I  have seen many of them trying to stop. But, I have heard from people in my friend group about how hard it is to stop if vaping is a regular for you and part of your daily routine. I like the style this article is written in, it is written in an expository style, sounding as an unopinionated passage. In this expository article to help it flow the author has given a clear topic, being “We Still Don’t Know How Safe Vaping Is” and including many details and real life facts in an order that is appealing to the reader, all relating back to the main topic.

Words to live by project

This quote is meaningful to me because it relates a lot to my life and our generation today. Being surrounded by social media 24/7 creates a vivid picture of what the perfect life should look like. This perception of the ideal life is not realistic, and social media creates these standards inside our minds. The perfect love life, body, expensive materialistic things are seen everyday on Instagram posts. We are shielded by our screens from the realities of peoples lives because whats being put out is only what is perfect and desirable. People base off of social media influencers and conclude if they aren’t living like that they aren’t living right.


2 things I can do

Many factors influence one to see the world differently, missing key parts and limiting what we learn. These factors include things like money, social media, and family. In my life it is apparent these are 3 factors that play huge roles in how I think and perceive the world. Firstly I think family, money, and social media are connected in a way. Social media creates this perfect and idealistic perception of life. This then causes money to be the main goal to live up to this life we see all over the internet. I think I can limit my time on social media and spend more time with face to face interactions, getting more in touch with real life situations. When worrying less about ideals, family influence, such as parents, will still sway views. I think I can make an effort to focus in the moment, taking in everything that I observe resulting in learning more about the world, others, and myself.