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Surface area vs. Volume

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The difference between Surface area and volume is that surface area is like a flat surface like a desktop. Volume is the inside of the object. Surface area is 2 dimensional length x width, where as volume is 3 dimensional length x width x height. Surface area is finding the total area of the surface. Volume is the amount of space inside the object. ¬†Surface area ex. If you had a cube with each side length of 1 cm then the area of one side of the cube would be lxw= 1×1= 1 cm^2 and six sides so it would be 6(1cm^2)=6cm^2 Volume on the other hand is found with V=length x width x height= 1cm x 1 cm x 1cm= 1cm^3 Also another difference between them is that Volumes units are cubic and for Surface area it’s squared.