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Math Journal Assignment #1

Jordan Beveridge Math Journal Assignment

Trigonometry lesson #3 pg. 223 #4

I knew when I first saw the question I had to draw it out to know what I needed to find. The information included was the length of the ladder which is 5.3m and the angle from the top of the ladder to the ground which was 72. With all that information I could then draw the picture and then label my sides. The information I needed was to label the sides (Hyp, Adj, Opp) after you label now you need to figure out which formula to use, it could be Tan, Sin or Cos (Soh Cah Toa) I used sin and that would be opp/5.3m and then calculated it as 5.3sin72 and after I solved it in my calculator I got 5.0. The strategies that you need to solve this would be: knowing what formula to choose because if you don’t choose the right one you’re going to get the wrong answer.
I didn’t run into any road blocks because I found this question quite simple. My solution did make sense because if you know the steps on what to do then you can solve any questions like this one. When doing this problem I felt like I knew what I was doing and I didn’t need any help on what to do. This question reminded me of a lot of other example and assignment questions I did as well. I think the only strategy for this problem would be knowing what formula to use and how to solve it from there. I would feel very comfortable solving another one like this because like I said, once you have the steps down you can solve pretty much any questions similar to this one.
Steps: label sides of triangle (hyp, opp, adj)
Figure out which formula (cos, tan, sin) to use based on the information given in the question.