Taming of the shrew workshop assignment.

I really have mixed ideas about the whole workshop. I think the team building exercises were never really applied, therefore I don’t think they were very necessary, but rather, just extremely tiring albeit, pretty entertaining. At least if would have been had I not been sick for the duration of the workshop. That could have been the reason why I disliked most of the workshop, I found it really physically and mentally tiring. I also didn’t think that we ¬†learned that much about the play and I would think that around half of it was unrelated to the play. but for positives, it was definitely entertaining and we have been told a rough edition of the story. In conclusion, I think this is a pretty good workshop and a pretty good experience If you don’t have a sore throat at least.

Information Fluency

3 strategies I used:

Seeing if they used more formal language. If they did not, it usually wouldn’t be a credible source of information.

Seeing if links linked directly to where they needed to link to. (ex. Link was supposed to link to a BBC article about them but it linked to the BBC homepage) or links working at all..

Number of ads. if the screen is covered in ads, it is usually a scam site. Especially if the ads are disguised as features



Riverside homepage>library>”click here”> Anything under “ebsco”>publications>search


I learned more tips on citing.