Bubble Gum lab: video and Conclusion


Our conclusion was that the hubba bubba both stretched longer and blew larger bubbles before popping. this is likely due to it being more compact than the big league chew, meaning it could stretch out more. It was far more rigid and difficult to chew, and this was perhaps a factor in why we were able to draw it out longer, the reason for it’s density and hardness was likely a result of it being designed to withstand more pressure and therefore, blow larger bubbles. As blowing bubbles requires tensile strength, this also correlates to how much it can stretch before snapping. And the results correlate to this as well

size of bubbles:          attempt 1/2/3/avg

brand A (hubba bubba): 10 cm/7 cm/5cm/7.3 cm

brand B(BLC)                    6cm/3cm/4cm/4.3 cm


length measured before snapping


A: 280 cm

B: 60 cm