Science app review

I have chosen google chrome as my app. Chrome is popular high-speed internet browser. It isn’t a dedicated science app, however, with it, you can access many documents and search a lot of info on science. If it is on the web, you can find it. Plus, you can use it for scientific reasons in a number of ways. For example, you can search up any question and find it almost instantaneously. You can also use any program you find to aid in whatever it is you’re doing.


For example, if I wanted to find out what element number 95 was on Chrome, I simply need to type it in the search bar. Immediately, I get my answer. It’s americium. The reason I chose chrome over other internet browsers is because chrome is the fastest and the easiest. While things like internet explorer and Firefox are notorious for their slow speed and taking forever to work or load pages.


Some shortcomings I can see Chrome having in the scientific field is that sometimes it may take hour to find documents you are looking for for research. That’s not to say pages load slowly, but it’s because the internet is usually cluttered with junk, and Google doesn’t know exactly what you are looking for, so you may have to search through the junk sometimes until you find what you need.


It can solve a variety of problems and help with many a school project. It makes it considerably easier to do research, and it can help you study with the endless amount of tools on the internet. To sum up, Chrome may not be a dedicated science app, but it can definitely help.