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My Volunteering job: 

The volunteering opportunity that I have found is to help out at a local SPCA.  This job might help me out in the future to just overall know how to take care of specific animals and maybe even adopt/foster one sometime in the future when I’ll live on my own. Overall this is a good hobby that you can do in your free time. I am very passionate about getting involved in this field because I love anything to do with animals, they are such cute and pure creatures that should be taken care of and loved.  To help at animal shelters is something a lot of people want to do but, just don’t have the time for so I think I might have enough time for going over a couple of times a month.  This job is also good in a way to hang out with friends as well as make new friends as you can see from the image I found below. 

SHELTER VOLUNTEERS - Edmonton Humane Society







My employment opportunity: (physically must talk to them in-store) 

The job I have researched is a cashier/server at the local DQ store.  This job might benefit my future by talking with people and learning communication as well as the money I might get from it to go to University or College. I know for a fact that they like when you have some experience working in this field but, you don’t have to have any diplomas or degrees to be a cashier at DQ.  I bring 3 years’ experience of working at a café that my middle school created which wasn’t some cheap lemonade stand selling gross watery substance being labeled as lemonade.  Our café involved Grilled Smokies, Christmas Turkey Sandwiches, Ice-cream Floats, etc.  The teachers running the café said that in the future if I need to get a quick part-time job that they’ll be there to help me out. I also have good communication with costumers because I usually was the person running events and organizing ingredient lists to an exact budget that we had. The steps I need to take is just to do good at school and try to get a good resume for them to want to hire me. 

Okotoks Dairy Queen Helps Calgary Children's Hospital ...

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