English 9

Sweet Unicorn Tails

Photo: JapanRailPass

Delicate mauve flowers hang from the ceiling above making it look like a cave of wonders and mysticality you can’t get your eyes off.  As people awe in the beauty around them, some decide to capture the moment in their camera roll and some in their memories.  A rare beauty in this world you may only find here, in Kitakyushu, Japan.  The great tunnel of Wisteria Flowers that bloom in beautiful shades of purple and pink with light fragrances the accompany its color.  People can’t stop looking up, their necks are hurting but their eyes are pleased.  Lights shine brightly above so you could see the colors and take some of the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram photos you could share and bring all your friends’ attention to the wonders of this tunnel.  This place is peaceful and quiet with a mystical aura attached.  As you walk through you can smell and touch the soft flowers that feel like feathers and smell like sweet sugar.  The way the flowers hang makes it look like unicorn tails or cotton candy hanging from the sky making you want to jump up and touch it with your hand.  A perfect place for a date or to get married at with its warm and loving colors.  The Gradients run through the tunnel with dark and light colors shifting all throughout.  If you close your eyes and imagine a sky made of purple flowers that rustle in the wind all around you, petals gliding down and hitting your face as a gust of wind blows through.  People dressed in warm attire gather around and enjoy the eye-feast together.  This is not the ideal place for people with pollen allergies though, so beware!  In the background, you can see pastel Hydrangeas stood tall.  This event only happens once a year from May to April but, the best time to see the flowers is the end of April because that is when they are at their full bloom.  This is a very visual place but, for the full experience, you should go there and see it yourself to get the thrill of a lifetime.

This song reminds me of this photo.



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