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Zusak, Markus. The Book Thief. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2007.

Why do women still suffer from gender inequality till’ this day?

The world now lives in the 21st century and for more than 8000 years gender inequality has been a major issue with the way women are being discriminated from certain “manly” tasks/jobs.  If a man can do it then a woman can do it the same or even better which goes the same vice versa.  This issue comes all the way back to 2.5 million years ago when the cave art made by the first people was just of men fighting with no women in sight because they were there to just cook food and take care of the children while the men were out hunting.  This fact may have two sides, the side where the females got to stay away from fights and raise the kids and also the side where women didn’t have a say in majority of things because it was all up to the men to do those decisions.  This issue continued through centuries into the ancient Rome years where the women stayed home, cooked food, waited for the husband to come home, took care of children, and cleaned the house.  Not always is that the case though, if the woman was in or from a wealthy family with a good standing, she could have some control over her life with where she can go, what she can eat, who she can marry, and where she would live.  Rich women would also have their maids and servants to do their job (which are women from the lower class meaning that there was also some discrimination by women for the lower-class women as well).  The statement “One small action can lead to a series of life-changing events.” is short yet, filled with many deeper meanings that can branch off into smaller topics.  The meaning behind this quote from my perspective would be that if alma wouldn’t have called out the teacher for only letting the boys take out the water bucket this story wouldn’t have happened and no serious events would branch off.  So, one small action (Alma’s request to carry the water bucket) and the life-changing event (Girls now being able to do the water bucket job as well).  This statement is very inspirational to me and has a lot of connections to this story because girls’ rights are no weaker than men’s rights.  In the story “The Friday Everything Changed” Alma finally recognized the issue in the way girls were poorly treated in their school/neighborhood.  The water bucket job was only given to the boys because they thought that they are the strong leaders that could skip school and consider themselves cooler just because they are boys and how society considers women to be treated like.   I don’t know where or when this discrimination began but it sure has impacted the world in many ways such as; not being able to become a female president,  can’t get a good job with fair pay, and always being considered weaker than men both physically and mentally.  There are many poems and books about feminism but, society always gets a vision of mean, uncluttered, and violent women trying to bring men down and claiming women should literally speaking “run the world” which shouldn’t be the case here, both genders should have 50/50 of the world freedom and not 80/20.  A woman that should inspire all is Margaret Cavendish and her view on the world because she imagines a world saved and ran by a woman and how if you would flip the standards upside down you would get a world of peace and less havoc.  Margaret has lived in the 16 hundreds and even then, she believed that if society had accepted women equally you would have a stable government and overall planet as she mentioned in her books.  I’m not a feminist because I truly believe that in developed countries with modern, intelligent people women and men get treated alike without much disagreement because as a child you get your knowledge from your parents and if your parents have been taught well then you should also get a real 21-century mindset.  In the poem “mushrooms” there are many deep meanings.  The poem has the mushrooms which seems like a metaphor for a mistreated population which gives us clues that mushrooms are the women quietly preparing a revolution.  Then, at the end of the poem you have the morning which is finally the time women/mushrooms get their respect which they have been fighting for.  I see that women don’t suffer too much from gender inequality in developed and modern countries but all those other 3rd world countries out there, silencing women is unexpectable and should be changed for the better.  At least gender inequality isn’t a third world problem now because Coronavirus is rapidly taking away the population anyways.  Feminism is quite a touchy subject to some but if we try hard enough, we could see some great results with time. 





Grammar Video Project – “Types of sentences (simple and compound)”

Types of sentences – simple and compound

The grammar project my partner and I got chosen to do was the difference between simple and compound sentences.  This certain rule has many topics branching from it that I won’t mention because other groups have done their presentations about them.  The simple and compound sentence rule is when you must choose between writing a basic, predictable, and less exciting sentence or an exciting, unpredictable, and with deeper thought sentence.   

Let’s say that you have a simple sentence for example: 

“The famous artist broke up with his girlfriend just recently.” – this is still a simple sentence because it works like Subject + Verb + Direct object. You can see it here as the “famous artist” is the subject, “Broke Up” is the verb, and “his girlfriend” is the Direct Object. 

A simple sentence is made of a single independent clause with a subject and a verb or predicate that expresses a complete thought or idea.  

On the other hand, compound sentences are more descriptive and have more juice in them overall.  

If you would take this example: 

“He ran out of money, so he had to stop playing poker.” – This is a compound sentence because it has two subjects which are “He and He”, three verbs “ran out, stop and play”, and “money & poker” as the Direct objects.   

When you use compound sentences it brings life to your writing with a more unpredictable ending which the reader may not expect.   

Overall, the simple sentences consist of only one clause, with a single subject and predicate and compound sentences have more than one subject or predicate.  The compound sentences also have conjunction which makes them seem more unexpecting. 

Overall, simple sentences are less

Overall simple sentences have fewer words because due to the words being less descriptive with their sentences



What must simple sentences have?

one clause, with a single subject and predicate

What must compound sentences have?

more than one subject or predicate

Is this a compound sentence? – “Little Red Riding Hood was carrying a basket of flowers is going to her grandmother’s house.”


Is this a simple sentence? – Taylor Swift is one of the first singers to sell an album in its first day of release.





Sweet Unicorn Tails

Photo: JapanRailPass

Delicate mauve flowers hang from the ceiling above making it look like a cave of wonders and mysticality you can’t get your eyes off.  As people awe in the beauty around them, some decide to capture the moment in their camera roll and some in their memories.  A rare beauty in this world you may only find here, in Kitakyushu, Japan.  The great tunnel of Wisteria Flowers that bloom in beautiful shades of purple and pink with light fragrances the accompany its color.  People can’t stop looking up, their necks are hurting but their eyes are pleased.  Lights shine brightly above so you could see the colors and take some of the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram photos you could share and bring all your friends’ attention to the wonders of this tunnel.  This place is peaceful and quiet with a mystical aura attached.  As you walk through you can smell and touch the soft flowers that feel like feathers and smell like sweet sugar.  The way the flowers hang makes it look like unicorn tails or cotton candy hanging from the sky making you want to jump up and touch it with your hand.  A perfect place for a date or to get married at with its warm and loving colors.  The Gradients run through the tunnel with dark and light colors shifting all throughout.  If you close your eyes and imagine a sky made of purple flowers that rustle in the wind all around you, petals gliding down and hitting your face as a gust of wind blows through.  People dressed in warm attire gather around and enjoy the eye-feast together.  This is not the ideal place for people with pollen allergies though, so beware!  In the background, you can see pastel Hydrangeas stood tall.  This event only happens once a year from May to April but, the best time to see the flowers is the end of April because that is when they are at their full bloom.  This is a very visual place but, for the full experience, you should go there and see it yourself to get the thrill of a lifetime.

This song reminds me of this photo.



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