Grade 10

Gene Therapy


Greatest Advancements

Gene Therapy is a practice full of trial and error. The majority of people who get the treatment will most likely not get the results they want in the end. The times that Gene therapy has worked, it changed people’s lives forever for the better. The type of illnesses that it can cure are immune deficiencies such as Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID), which was successfully treated, but it did not go so well for some patients, causing them to develop a case of Leukemia. Scientists then started researching safer ways of doing Gene Therapy.  The next illness is Hereditary blindness. People with this illness lose their vision slowly with time, but when given Therapy, their 6 out of 9 cases were that their vision improved significantly with time. They tricked the virus into carrying the good genes through where they were recoded to become good cells.  One of the other illnesses is Hemophilia. Hemophilia is when you are missing proteins that help blood form clots so, people with Hemophilia can lose a large amount of blood from internal bleeding or just from a little cut. During a small trial, the researchers have used an adeno-associated viral vector to deliver the missing clotting protein to the liver’s cells.  After the treatment, most patients made at least a small Factor IX and then had fewer bleeding mishaps. 


Ways Gene Therapy Is Being Used

Gene therapy is best used to replace the defective genes or add new genes as a replacement attempting to cure diseases, or just improve the body’s strength to fight them. Gene Therapy promises to treat a broader variety of diseases, including cancer, heart disease, hemophilia, and cystic fibrosis. 


How Gene Therapy Is Shaping The Future

Gene Therapy is changing the future of healthcare by giving people another chance at a healthy life without worrying about blindness and heart diseases, for example. They go through the Therapy and may end up with excellent results. People that have successfully gone through therapy are now living their best lives. This form of biotechnology is one of the most significant scientific breakthroughs that shape the future of gene modification. 


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Core Competency

In this project, I tried to be creative with my format and the writing because visuals make everything better. Eyes are meant to look at images, not just dull, plain text. I go for the creative aspect every time because I feel as if that’s my most vital writing characteristic. During this project, I used my research method and what I was comfortable with instead of using something that doesn’t fit me. As a writer, you should have your own ways of writing while still following the common rules. During the writing part of the project, it felt more of an English assignment than a scientific one, so I decided to add more interesting words and pictures to spice up the bland and boring text about genetic illnesses, which is pretty depressing to write about. When thinking about what competency I should focus on, I wanted to first start writing and then just decide what my writing felt like to me. I really don’t like communication when it comes to education because I can never rely on the person I am paired up with due to all the times I’ve been let down and forced to do everything on my own. I prefer keeping to myself and going with what my brain tells me to do, which is probably what I am best at ( I don’t want to get cocky). Overall, I worked very hard on this project and put all of my brain cells and energy into this.

Paper Airplane Project

My investigation results were quite surprising because I wasn’t confident with it flying anywhere farther than 5 meters when making the plane. Usually, when you throw a paper plane it does a weird looping maneuver, so it doesn’t end up going anywhere. I am very happy and pleased with the results overall. I learned a few things from this project which are, the plane should have an even weight distribution on the front and the back in order for it to fly further and more smoothly, the second thing is that making the paper out of bigger paper made it better because it became longer which increased the aerodynamics significantly by supplying more area for it to push through. Next time, I will know how to make the farthest flying plane because I’ve now done my investigation that proved how longer and lighter planes are easier to fly. I have included a photo below of my best paper airplane that worked and flew the best.


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