Mutation story

part 1 – story
i am a genetic mutation. i make people see clearly underwater. yes i am a rare gene and am only found in Moken people in Africa. right now i am living inside a girl names Ally. she was just born about a couple minutes ago and doesn’t have a single idea of what i will show her. i am not a harm to her body what so ever. i am actually aiding her. wouldn’t be amazing to be able to see clearly underwater? As ally grew older she figured out how much she would be using this gene. her family were known as sea gypsies. they lived close to the water and everything was done in water. Ally used me to find fish underwater and other creature. it was a lot easier. plus ally became an amazing swimmer. Ally was so happy and that made me happy as well. very down the road when everything became grey, i had moved on from ally and to someone just like ally. her daughter maia. i wonder how her life is going to go…

part 2 – making of story
since this was a rare gene only found in some people in Africa my search didn’t stretch very far. i just typed in mutation that people can see clearly underwater. i found my information from that.
i used google to find my answers and asked one of my friends who was doing the same project as me. i also typed my notes in word.
the process was simple. I found my mutation. then i researched it and wrote out notes. after taking the notes i thought i needed, i created the story. and now it’s on edublog.
i went on to many sites to check if they were accurate. when it was repeated on other sides i was sure that had to be correct then.
i think i should have read what i was doing at first. my first post of this didnt meet any of the criteria and i should have checked before posting. i think I’m going to try that next time. i also think i should check if it’s posted or not when i actually post it. thats been happening a lot.

child labor project

over the past week in my B block socials class we were assigned our first edublog project. this is on child labor so i am warning you when you watch this presentation. it is about a deep and sad problem going on in our world. if you do watch this i hope you enjoy it.
Child labor in Chad Africa