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Burning Fires

By Ethan Sherle

24 million acres gone in the blink of an eye

With the fierce, frightful, ferocious of the fire

And the smog creeping through the sky

The cracking of wood, sounding like the devil’s favourite choir


With the change in climate, the world is in trouble

It’s not just us, many animals had met a worst fate

Homes of both human and animals turned to rubble

Homeless hurting the hopeless, filling with hate


But with that hate comes hope and heroes

Firefighters risking their lives every day to save their country

Getting stuck in instead of watching like Nero

Fighting to save even just one tree


Many people around the world don’t want to relive

But sit in sadness isn’t going to do a thing

If you want to really help, you must give

So that maybe the pain of these will be nothing more than a bee sting



Part 2

My favourite poem that we read in class was Ghost of a Chance by Adrienne Rich. This poem is an open verse poem and is about a man not really having a purpose in his life. When one is trying to break away from the norms of their peers, it is hard to leave for good and not be consumed by it again. When the fish is flopping to death on the dock, it is a symbol for the man trying to break away from the societal norm or adversity but dying or struggling because it is not fitting in. When the waves eventually come in to consume the fish back into the ocean is a metaphor for society taking over or taking the fish back into the day to day life that most everyone has. When the man is thinking on the dock he sees, “A fish half dead from flopping and almost crawling” (Rich). This figurative language is having the fish represent the man’s wishes and attempts to break free from the societal norm but just when the fish was about to dying on the dock until, “a wave pulls it back blind into the triumphant sea” (Rich). This metaphor ends with the fish being dragged backed into the triumphant sea, which is another metaphor for the societal norms and ways of life. The fish is a metaphor for the man. How he tried and failed to break out of the monotony of his life but found the pressure from society to much, thus him falling back into the same old, same old. The connection I made with Oryx and Crake and how the man and Jimmy are one in the same. Jimmy much like the man is different or wants to become different then everyone else. But society kept pulling and crashing eventually bring both of them back down with them. This poem more then all really show the tangible versus intangible parts of life and why we need to understand them both.