Spoken word Poem


Skates, cutting into the ice with a razor-sharp sound

Many people will try to find the best around

Passes, pucks, players, perform

Edges like knives on steels they do swarm

In front of the net, the mesh shudders and quakes

With every slap of the puck that I take


Hockey may have first been play in Scotland, but it is Canada’s game through and through

And in Canada is where the sport grew

The 50’s, the rocket became the first to score 500 in an entire career

When he skated down the ice, he filled the goalie with fear

In the 60’s we had Gordie Howe taking over the league swiftly

But Bobby Hull was the first to score fifty

The 70’s gave us the greatest war on ice

After Canada beat the Soviet Union, the taste of victory was so, so nice

The 80’s Lemieux, Roy, Gretzky, 10 rings combine

They more cups than the Oilers and the Rangers, who both won nine

The 90’s brought us new teams far and wide

But the 1994 lockout lost the NHL a lot pride

The 00’s introduced the shootout but scoring rapidly declined

And Jagr received one of the biggest contracts ever signed


The sound of the roaring crowd

With the screaming, crying and cheering so loud

The crowd is the heart of their teams

Every hit, fight and goal they scream




Here, arenas come in many different shapes and sizes

In them, teams have won many different prizes


The round, rubber, removal of the puck from my stick

To score on a breakaway you have to be quick

My gloves, like the tools to my brain

If you don’t use them correctly, there is not much to gain


Now that Don Cherry is gone, a new controversy arose

All because of the poor words he chose

With this a new lesson is taught

I will miss him, for all the great memories he brought


The dream of scoring the game winning goal

Hockey is Canada’s heart and soul

Some say the posts are the goalies best friends

And when the save can’t be made, upon it he depends


Every outcome is a mystery

Every team competing to win it all

Every player writing their names in history

All but one will fall

Oceanwise Crab

The crab you should get is the Southern Tanner, Snow Crab in the Bering Sea near Alaska and the snow crab and king crab in Newfoundland and Labrador and Norway respectfully and the methods of catching these crabs are either pot of traps. Some crabs you shouldn’t eat are the Atlantic rock crab in the St. Lawrence River and the US Atlantic, the stone crab in the US Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, the Blue Swimmer Crab in the Philippines and many more. The method is the same to catch these crabs but you can catch the Blue Swimmer through Bottom Gillet.

Blog Log #2

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In this article, the writer Dylan Mattews depicts a soviet officer Stanislav Petrov who stopped a nuclear war from happening. Petrov and his crew had a warning sign of ICBM missiles launched by the USA towards the Soviet Union. There were two choices for Petrov to make, report it and start WW3 or not report it and run the risk of being nuked. Eventually, Petrov and his crew concluded that it was just a false alarm, which thankfully it was. Turns out the alarm was triggered by the sun’s reflection on the clouds, making it seem like there was an incoming missile. I like this article because I enjoy learning about history and interesting things that have happened in the past. I heard about this story a while ago but this article conveyed the thoughts I already had about this story. This man single-handedly stopped a nuclear war and the possible complete annihilation of the human race as we know it.

care of ethics

Care ethics is a personality trait that is needs to be practiced over time and with enough labour can help shape the world around us for the better. In order to create an ethics people who, have a good understand of the concept and that have experience in situation in which its needed. They can teach others how to act by explain to them or more importantly show them through their actions. The people can slowly learn how to use care of ethics in day to day lives. We would have to believe in environment having the same power and can equally affect us and we affect it. We need realize that we just can’t just abuse the environment and walk away and think nothing bad is going to happen. We would help preserve our ecosystem by not littering and using proper bins when throw away something. Or helping on a humanity scale by donation to a charity or going out to volunteer and help the not so fortunate. Some benefits of everyone adopting care by ethics is our environments and communities will be a lot safer and clean but on the other hand it will set a high standard for everyone and that just can’t happen because no one is perfect. I think we can try the best we can to adopt care of ethics, we can’t be perfect, but we can do our part to help the environment.

Ethics of care towards the environment would look like people treating the environment with respect and not to leave it worse for wear and destroy it.

Blog Log #1

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In this article, Amazon employment are threatening to walk out of Amazon if they don’t help to reduce the growing problem of climate change. This article interested me because it illustrates how everyday working people are taking a standing against climate change and how they are going about doing that. Amazon employees have pushed Amazon into starting a program called the Shipment Zero program in which Amazon has promised to make 50% of their shipments net zero by 2030. Even with that, Amazon employees have continued to put Amazon to be more environmentally friendlier. They have done this by making a climate change plan for the company, which Amazon’s shareholders voted down. The author Shirin Ghaffary conveys the frustration of the Amazon employees by going very in depth about how and why the employee are upset and what they are doing about it. I made a personal connection to this article because I know what it feels like to be in a situation where, I the employee is upset with the manager and how the company is poorly treating its staff. I believe this article can show how people working for big companies can make a change and help to become more environmentally friendly and be the leaders in the fight against climate change.

Wave Phenomena Part 1

This video shows us constructive interference. Constructive interference is when two crest or two trough waves hit each other causing the two waves to become bigger and combine for a second then go back into two separate waves.

This video shows us destructive interference. Destructive interference is when a crest wave and a trough wave hit each other causing the wave to cancel out and become still just for a second then separate into two waves.

This video shows us standing waves. Standing waves is when two interference waves have the same amplitude and wavelength, causing the wave pattern and creates point where they cross called nodes.