Junk Food Project

My favorite fast food thing is definitely the mcdouble at McDonald’s. It’s just 2 beef patties with cheese, onions, pickles, and ketchup. I like it because it’s really tasty and simple and it’s just my go-to when I’m eating out. The McDouble has 23 grams of fat which is about half of the recommended daily value. It’s not good to have half the recommended in one burger because people will usually eat 2 when they have a McDouble. If you have 2 McDoubles at once you will be eating all of the recommended daily intake which is bad because too much fat is linked to heart disease and stroke. The McDouble can be put into a healthy diet but if it’s eaten too much it is bad for you.

May Lab Reflection – Perogies

I chose to reflect on this lab because it was my favorite lab in this class so far. The perogies we made were really good and I love perogies so I was happy to make and eat them. I didn’t enjoy making the perogies because it was really hard to keep them from falling apart but I did enjoy them after they were done. The product did turn out the way we wanted and it helped to just follow the recipe for the best possible outcome. My group worked very well together on this project, as we had no problems dividing the work up and making sure everyone had an equally important job. We did although have problems keeping the perogies together, we fixed that by just pinching them shut hard. If I were to do this lab again I would do it the exact same way because it turned out great in the end.

Chili Cook Off Reflection

In the chili cook-off, my group made a spicy chili. We used beef, tomatoes, black and kidney beans, onions, red peppers, chili powder, tomato paste and some spices like paprika. Overall the chili did turn out pretty good and we were happy with the taste. We did run into a few problems when cooking our chili considering the consistency of the chili. When we were making it, we noticed that it was really dry and not a good chili consistency. To make it runnier, we added a lot of tomato paste and it got to the consistency we wanted. We also ran into another problem the day we were going to be judged. As we were heating it up we noticed it was a little runny so we added a spoonful of cornstarch and it got thicker. The same day we also noticed it wasn’t quite as spicy as we wanted it so we gradually added hot sauce until it was what we wanted. Overall we were happy with the taste of our chili but if we were to make it again we would most likely add some bacon just to give it a bit more flavor.

Noodles At Home

Part 1:

Breakfast Pasta: http://cherryonmysundae.com/2014/04/breakfast-pasta.html                                         Linguini with scrambled eggs, garlic, parsley, and parmesan.

breakfast pasta

One Pot Pizza Pasta: http://damndelicious.net/2014/08/16/one-pot-pizza-pasta-bake/                             Pasta with Italian sausage, cheese, tomato sauce, and pepperoni

One Pot Pizza Pasta Bake - An easy crowd-pleasing one pot meal that the whole family will love! Everyone will be begging for seconds!

Spaghetti: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/213266/meat-lovers-slow-cooker-spaghetti-sauce/?internalSource=hn_carousel%2002_Meat-Lover%27s%20Slow%20Cooker%20Spaghetti%20Sauce&referringId=505&referringContentType=recipe%20hub&referringPosition=carousel%2002                                                                                           Noodles with tomato sauce, sausage, and parmesan.




March/April Lab Reflection – Easter Egg Cookies

I chose to reflect on this lab because it was very delicious and probably my favorite lab. It had the little chocolate egg inside the chocolate cookie and I love chocolate. I enjoyed this lab a lot because at the end it tasted really good. The product did turn out the way we wanted. The main thing that we had to do was make sure that the whole chocolate egg was covered so that it wouldn’t leak out. My group did work well together in the lab. We only had 2 of us that day so we split it all equally and it worked out very well. If I were to do this lab again, I would do everything the exact same way so that the cookies end up like they did the first time.


Confederation Project

  1. What colony did you represent? The colony I represented was New Brunswick
  2. What did you feel were the biggest or most important issues for your colony? The most important issues for my colony was that we border the US and were very vulnerable to be attacked by them, another big issue is that the majority of our imports went to the British and if we went into confederation they might not still be reliable to trade.
  3. What strategy did your group come up with to deal with those issues?  All we had to do to deal with the issues were propose to a free trade agreement with the other colonies and make sure that we would be making an army if we were to go into confederation
  4. Did you have to make any concessions during the negotiation phase? If so, what agreements or concessions did you come up with? Yes, we did, one thing that we were proposing for the confederation was representation by delegation. That was not possible without the help from the other smaller colonies so, we went to them and proposed it. One deal we made was with PEI and the deal was that they would push for rep by delegation with us if we pushed for women to have the right to vote.
  5. Were you happy with the outcome of the confederation debates? Yes I was happy with the outcome of the confederation debates because we got everything that we wanted
  6. What is one thing you wished had happened differently with the final results and why? One thing that I wish happened differently that the final results was I would’ve liked to not have to pay for as much of the navy as we did

Foods 10 – Breakfast Cookies Lab Reflection

For the breakfast cookies lab, we mixed lots of different ingredients such as carrots, flour, coconut, raisins and more to make healthy cookies. I chose to reflect on this lab because it was my favorite lab as it is easy to make and gives me a healthy option for breakfast that isn’t very hard to make. I really enjoyed this lab because it was super easy and fast. The product ended up turning out the way we wanted and our group was happy with the final products look and taste. My group did work well together in the lab and there were no problems. If I were to do this lab again, I would do it the exact same way as before so that I would get a good result.

Eggs at Home Part 1

Eggs Benedict – 2 halves of and English muffin each topped with a poached egg, ham or bacon, and hollandaise sauce


Egg and Bean Burrito – Eggs, beans, salsa, cilantro, and cheese wrapped in a tortilla


Shrimp and Egg Fried Rice – Fried rice made with eggs, shrimp, garlic, and onions


Part 3: