Misleading stats

In my math class, we are studying how statistics can be misleading.  We were assigned to find a current day headline, graph, media story that uses statistics in a misleading manner and explain why it is misleading. This one has the correct figures, but that big headline makes you think that 5.3% of children get spinal cord […]

Thoughts on Data Analysis 2018

what role do statistics have on our society? In my opinion, statistics play a major role in our society, it gives people more of a choice. People don’t always get choice and when they do  I think that they should use it to their advantage. People can get very angry when they don’t feel heard and […]

11.1 factors influencing Data collection

In my math class, we are learning about how factors can affect data when doing a poll. Should Christmas break be called winter break to avoid hurting the feelings of people who are different? this question has a couple of influences, primarily this question has a cultural factor and it doesn’t respect the people who don’t celebrate Christmas, […]

my digital footprint

1.) How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities? My digital footprint could affect many things, but one of the biggest things is that it can effect is your future. for example if you were applying for a job or applying for an entrance into a post secondary school, they could research your history […]