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Ideology Discussion Reflection

1. Share some details about what you learned about your ideology.
-I learned that there are many countries in the world I did not know are socialist. I found it interesting how different countries are on different sides of socialism. Like China and Finland which run very differently but believe and use the same ideology. I also found that like the Netherlands, Canada has a few areas where we use the socialist ideology but it is not our main ideology.

2. Discuss some of the ideas your group came up with.
-Each group member chose one topic and came up with a solution towards the problem related to the topic. The topic I chose was a big corporation in your country. These are the ideas and approach I came up with for our ideology:

-Would be opposed to letting a private company work.
-If we were to let them run, the government would make sure the citizens have control and don’t feel they are over-powered by the company.
-Monthly surveys would be held to understand how the employees feel. If they felt out of control, changes would be implemented.
-We would also have government authority working in the company to make sure they are following protocol.
-Would ask how the community feels about a private company on their land and making profit off of it.

3. What did you find interesting about the activity?
-I thought it was interesting how we had a group conversation like we were actually going to decide as a group which approach we liked the best. I also thought it was interesting to see how similar or different the ideologies are.

4. What did you find challenging about this?
-I did not personally experience this but I think it would be hard to propose an idea you do not agree with. For me, I cannot convince people if I do not fully believe in what I am saying. I could tell today there were some people that did not agree with the ideology they were given and because they weren’t confident their ideas didn’t engage me.