Van Der Graaf Generator

yesterday, we got to use a van der Graff generator, what exactly is a van der Graff generator? well its a machine that has a hallow metal ball on the top, inside the ball is a moving belt which is used as an electric generator that creates static electricity. this charge is created by the friction created by the belt being transferred to the metal ball which creates static electricity. when someone makes contact with that charge, it causes a shock, if you hold on to the generator the person that touches you will get shocked, this happens because electricity wants to get to the ground as fast as possible.


what I learned from this assignment was that electricity is always trying to get to the ground has fast as possible, I now know how it feels to get shocked because I was one of those people that volunteered. we got to see thing like paper being moved with anyone touching them and aluminum cups flying away from the machine. its fascinating to see what static electricity can do, but its important to know how static electricity works in order to understand what it does.


Science app assignment

problem: “Is there a way to learn and study on the periodic table on my phone?”

Brainstorm: I need to find an app that is interesting and not boring


App Explanation: this app’s name is called the “periodic table,” it was created by K12, Inc. this app has everything you need in order to know all the element with ease.

the Pros for this app is its quiet interesting to use and it wont bore you to death, it contains all the information such as the atomic number, a Lewis diagram, melting and boiling point, and atomic mass.

the cons for this app is are that there are some missing elements on the table


what I’ve learned from this app was that I can now learn most of the elements accurately and with ease, as well as knowing what the Lewis diagram for each element is.

Testing For Vitamin C Lab


the first thing we did was we got our materials (test tubes, rack, stir rod). we then measured the 5ml of starch into the 6 test tubes, then we added the 1 drop of iodine into each test tube, we then stirred the mixture together giving a dark blue tint to it. we then proceeded to add 10 drops of vitamin C into one of the test tubes, then added 10 drops of blueberry juice,  strawberry and banana juice, 7up, iced tea, and Gatorade. each beverage was added into a test tube and stirred, (we cleaned the stirring rod each time we used it) we did this so we could find out how much vitamin C does it take to change the colour of the iodine. once we finished, we then proceeded with our observations and questions.



my refection on this experiment was that something more would happen but at the same time I didn’t know what to expect. I see why this is so important to understand, because we got to see what would happen if we mixed vitamin C with Starch mixed with iodine. I learned that the more vitamin C that is contained in each substance will create a more noticeable reaction.



Governing Quebec Paragraph

As a British official, I realize there are many alternatives to governing Quebec. I have chosen the policy of maintaining the status-quo to ensure the colony is properly run. I chose this policy because the if we allow the French to keep their system, then the French won’t complain and argue about it being unfair. Secondly, we’ll still claim their land without wasting time on war and violence. Thirdly, we won’t have to worry about things happening between us British and French in the future. As I have outlined above, I believe the best policy for governing Quebec is maintaining status-quo.  This will ensure that the colony will remain under British control and provide wealth for our glorious country