Workplace Safety

Three things i will do to keep myself safe at work would be..

  1. If im not sure with something, ill notify a supervisor or employer immediately.
  2. If something seems unsafe, Ask a supervisor
  3. If i don’t know how to use a mechanism properly, ask an Employer or Supervisor

Two things i will do to keep others safe at work would be…

  1. If someone seems confused with a task, ill either help with the best of my power, or let a supervisor or employer know.
  2. If someone seems tired or ill, i’ll volunteer to take his place for now.

Matthew’s Story i feel would be something i would potentially do if i were to not be weary of whats happening, if i were in his shoes, i would’ve stuck with my gut and immediately refuse that work given.


Racism then and now Paragraph

Racism has been a thing since the 19th century, and is still a major topic that people make opinions of. Racism was the belief of discrimination of other “races” and they believed that the human population must be separated into certain “races”. In the 19th century, racism was at its worst. Blacks were discriminated for their appearance and were seen as “the imperfect race”. it was so bad to the point where Blacks were discriminated so badly they were given their own separate schools to attend, and separate ways of transportation. Whites were believed as the “superior¬† race” and made damn sure that the Blacks knew that. Racism now is more controlled and relaxed, though it is still a problem today, its not something we should be majorly concerned. All races are treated equally, for their appearance, and disabilities. All races are given equal opportunities towards getting jobs, and education. And all races are given the right be whatever they want.