Character Sketch – Brad

In the story “Sam the athlete” Sam is a courageous yet introverted middle school kid who wants to be an athlete. He wants to find a sport that he can enjoy and be good at, but the problem is he’s not that good when it comes to sports.

Sam isn’t the best at sports, in fact, he one of the worst of the all. Sam wants to become an athlete cause in school, being the athletic person means being the most popular. The only sport Sam can enjoy and be somewhat decent at it was hockey. The problem was he never could master stopping on skates.

When Sam joined the field hockey team, it was the first time he was ever welcomed to a team. Since Sam never talked to anyone in his school, he’s shy towards others so he never gets to interact with anyone. The field hockey team gives him a chance to socialize.

Most sports Sam tries, he ends up being too rough with the other students. He doesn’t mean to do it, its just that he takes things too far. His teacher even states that he may have anger issues because of his reckless act. When he’s just trying to take sports seriously.

In conclusion, Sam wants to become an athlete but because of his personality traits, it make it harder for him to find what sport suits him and also whether he’ll enjoy the sport or not.