Testing For Vitamin C Lab


the first thing we did was we got our materials (test tubes, rack, stir rod). we then measured the 5ml of starch into the 6 test tubes, then we added the 1 drop of iodine into each test tube, we then stirred the mixture together giving a dark blue tint to it. we then proceeded to add 10 drops of vitamin C into one of the test tubes, then added 10 drops of blueberry juice,  strawberry and banana juice, 7up, iced tea, and Gatorade. each beverage was added into a test tube and stirred, (we cleaned the stirring rod each time we used it) we did this so we could find out how much vitamin C does it take to change the colour of the iodine. once we finished, we then proceeded with our observations and questions.



my refection on this experiment was that something more would happen but at the same time I didn’t know what to expect. I see why this is so important to understand, because we got to see what would happen if we mixed vitamin C with Starch mixed with iodine. I learned that the more vitamin C that is contained in each substance will create a more noticeable reaction.



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