Week 10-solving Quadratic inequalities in one variable

The formula that we learned

ax^2 +bx+c<0 ax^2 +bx+c>0 ax^2 +bx+c<(=)0 ax^2 +bx+c>(=)0

where a, b, and c are constants and a not =0


The solution of the quadratic inequality

x^2 -2x-3>0 is the value of x for which y>0 ; that is ,the values of x for which the graph is above the x -axis.Visualize the shadow of the graph on the x-axis.

so we first have to factor this formula

x^2 -2x-3=0


ok, so we can get the value of x for equal to zero


and becauseĀ  y>0

so the part of y>0 are




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